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    The Original Irish Scream Hot Sauce

    Item number: LC012

    Fresh, green Jalapenos from the bottle! Tastes the same, feels the same! Fresh, fruity, fine…


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    € 6,95

    148 ml (€ 4,70 / 100 ml)

    incl. tax, plus shipping
    • Description

      Those who eat breakfast in Mexico know the questions concerning the art of cooking eggs (“scrambled” or “sunny side up”) and have a choice of fresh green Jalapenos. The fruity spice comes traditionally in a good bottle Cholula (find it here). In addition, two, three slices of freshly roasted and wonderfully crispy bacon ... the American breakfast is ready! Yummy :)

      Now it is unfortunate that the fresh green Jalapenos do not grow at the front door and these are not available in all seasons. What to do… ?!

      Here’s a solution: The Original Irish Scream!

      Admittedly, Ireland and New Mexico don’t really have a causal link. Especially since the Irish immigrants before the flight of the famine populated the northern parts of America more. But this wonderful fresh-fruity jalapeno hot sauce simply has a great flavor ... it’s where memories of the most delicious meals in Albuquerque awaken. Fresh green jalapenos, a fine sour note of red wine vinegar, "a lil’ bit" of honey and a good shot of Irish whiskey make this sauce extremely delicious!

      Cajohns Original Irish Scream Jalapeno Hot Sauce is not only good with breakfast eggs, but also as a spice for seared onions that go on top of mashed potatoes, for pepping up a fresh pesto or spinach… simply a delicious all-round spice!

      Made in the USA

    Varieties Jalapeno
    Heat level 1-10 5
    Ingredients Jalapeno-Chilis, Rotwein-Essig, Honig, Irischer Wiskey, Salz, brauner Zucker.
    Allergens keine
    Country Irland
    Country of origin USA
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    The Original Irish Scream Hot Sauce

    Item number: LC012

    The Original Irish Scream Hot Sauce € 6,95 incl. tax, plus shipping