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    Sauces / Sriracha Sauce (13)

    Sriracha Sauce

    Schärfegrad 5

    Cock Sriracha hot 700ml

    The perfect Sriracha for all Asia fans. For sauces, soups and to meat it is absolutely delicious.

    € 4,45 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Flying Goose Sriracha Hot & Sweet Chilli Sauce 730ml

    Made from sun raped chilli pods & garlic. This sauce taste delicious to almost every Asian dish.

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Cock Sriracha medium 700ml

    The perfect Sriracha for all Asia fans. For sauces, soups and to meat it is absolutely delicious.

    € 4,45 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Lingham's Chilli Sauce Sriracha

    Tasty Sriracha Sauce for fish, dressings or simply on pizza

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Flying Goose Sriracha hot 730ml

    A extra hot Sriracha that is made from sun raped chilli pods. Perfect for wraps, meat and pizza.

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo Sauce 200ml

    The delicious mayonnaise with chilli! Ideal to French fries, sandwiches and wraps.

    RRP € 2,45 € 1,84 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Flying Goose Sriracha hot 455ml

    A extra hot Sriracha that is made from sun raped chilli pods. Perfect for wraps, meat and pizza.

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo Sauce 730ml

    The delicious mayonnaise with chilli! Ideal to French fries, sandwiches and wraps.

    RRP € 5,95 € 2,98 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Tabasco Brand Premium Sriracha Thai Chili Sauce

    Tabasco offers in the USA an exclusive Sriracha sauce, in order to bring a successful combination of sweet chili and garlic Asia style flavor to your plate. Exclusive with us!

    € 8,45 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Fireland's Sriracha Style Thai Sauce

    Super delicious Thai Sauce in Sriracha style. Attention - addictive!

    RRP € 6,90 € 3,45 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Flying Goose Sriracha 455ml

    Made from sun-ripened chili peppers and garlic, the Sriracha tastes wonderful on a kebab, on meats and on pizza.

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Pain is Good Sriracha Pepper Sauce

    Now really in trend - Sriracha Hot Sauce… with this taste we can understand. Great flavor and not to hot, this is why it suited for the entire family

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Sriracha All Natural Rub

    This Rub is something else. Not typically smoky but with a nice garlic taste

    € 8,50 *

    Sriracha Sauce: The hot sauce from Thailand!

    Learn in the following text everything worth knowing about the Thai Sriracha sauce. Where did she come from? Which ingredients are in it? Are there different variations? What is the Sriracha sauce eaten for? These interesting questions are answered in detail in this article.

    Where does the Sriracha sauce come from?

    Originally, this hot sauce, as already mentioned, comes from Thailand, more precisely from the city of Si Racha. Sriracha is just a slightly different spelling. In this Thai coastal town, not far from Bangkok, the sauce was served for the first time in small fish restaurants, so that's where the name of the famous sauce comes from. Thailand itself has different culinary regions. In the south of the country, where the city of Sriracha is located, food is traditionally eaten spicy.

    What exactly is the Thai sauce made of?

    There are not many ingredients in an original Sriracha sauce. How could it be any different? The main ingredient of the spicy sauce is a hot chilli. This is not really a big surprise as the sauce comes from Thailand. Another ingredient is vinegar. The acidic liquid not only provides flavor but also natural preservation of the chilli sauce. The spices are garlic, sugar and salt. The flavor of the chilli, of course, dominates, but a Sriracha always tastes a bit sweetish. The individual ingredients may also vary, depending on the variety of Sriracha sauce. Which varieties are exactly, you will learn in the next paragraph.

    The Sriracha sauce is excellent!

    You can take this sentence literally. The Sriracha Sauce was named ingredient of the year in 2010 by the prestigious US magazine "Bon Appétit". This award shows how popular the hot Asian sauce is all over the world.

    Which varieties of Sriracha sauce are there?

    You can order the Sriracha Sauce in different flavors from us. In addition to the classic sauce, we have, among other things, a Sriracha mayonnaise in our shop. Of course, you can also choose from different degrees of heat. The selection ranges from mild sauces, which are therefore family-friendly, to really hot variations of the sauce. However, the flavor of Sriracha Sauce is also available as a rub for marinades. If you refine your food in advance with this mixture, you get a flawless, Asian taste. However, there are other varieties of Sriracha sauce. For example, other flavoring ingredients, such as lemongrass or onions, may be part of this Thai sauce. There is even a variety that comes with extra garlic. Another, however, is made completely without this odor-intensive ingredient. The individual flavors you can often, very easily recognize by the color of the lid. The variant with onions has for example a lilac-colored cap. So, there are the following variations of Sriracha sauce:

    • traditional Sriracha sauce
    • Sriracha mayonnaise
    • Sriracha-rub
    • Sriracha with lemongrass
    • Sriracha with onions
    • Sriracha with extra garlic
    • Sriracha without garlic

    Which dishes suits this sauce?

    Of course, the Sriracha sauce fits as a spice to all dishes that match an Asian taste. The sauce is especially good with fish and seafood, which is also the traditional use of Sriracha sauce. But it still fits in with many other dishes. For example, it is delicious on a freshly grilled piece of meat. But the possibilities of use are very versatile. For example, you can use the Sriracha sauce to give a pizza a special edge. It is also increasingly used in a delicious kebab. You can use a Thai Sriracha sauce to refine not only traditional dishes such as soups and meats, but also so-called fast food. The Sriracha sauce is also suitable as an ingredient for salad dressing. As always in the kitchen, your imagination should have no set limits, and this applies to the Sriracha sauce as well. Even as a dip or as a hot kick on the bread you can use the sauce. On a barbecue the Sriracha sauce is a universal condiment and can also be eaten instead of mustard or ketchup on a sausage. The list is endless. If you are a true friend of spicy food, you can refine all dishes with Sriracha. For example, how about a small dose of sauce in your next fried potatoes. So, the Thai Sriracha Sauce goes well with the following foods:

    • Fish
    • Seafood
    • Grilled Meat (ex. Bratwurst)
    • Döner
    • Pizza
    • Salad
    • Soups
    • Bread
    • Fried Potatoes
    • and many more

    The Sriracha Sauce reaches the cult status!

    Around this Thai sauce, a veritable cult is wrapping. This has two main reasons. The unique taste is as crucial as the versatility of the sauce. This cult manifests itself primarily in numerous cookbooks that deal exclusively with dishes in which you can work with Sriracha Sauce. But that's not all! Entire websites and forums deal with the spicy Sriracha sauce from Thailand. If you want to learn how to work in the kitchen with this specialty, you can even attend special cooking classes dedicated to this.

    The conclusion about the Sriracha Sauce is:

    The name of the sauce for the Sriracha is the city of Si Racha near Bangkok. The Thai specialty sauce consists mainly of chilli. The other ingredients are only vinegar, sugar and salt. The sauce has many testy varieties and different levels of heat. The different variations are often recognizable by the color of the lid. Specialties include Sriracha mayonnaise and Sriracha barbecue rub.

    A Sriracha sauce is a classic match to all dishes that are supposed to taste like Asia. It is popular, for example, to season soups with the sauce. The chilli sauce is also great on fresh grilled meat. Traditionally, however, the sauce is mainly used for fish and seafood. The sauce is also great with fast food, like pizza and kebab. You can even refine hearty food, such as bratwurst and fried potatoes, with the spicy sauce. Another option for the sauce are dressings for a salad. The sauce also provides you with a tasty substitute for ketchup and mustard. Even a distinction as "Best Ingredient of the Year 2010", in a trade magazine, was offered to the Sriracha Sauce. There is, for many years already, a veritable cult around the delicious chilli sauce.