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      Marinating - a very tasty way of preparing meats

      Traditionally, a marinade is made from an acidic base, such as vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk, wine or sour cream. This base is then enriched with various spices and oils to a delicious marinade. Especially with tough meat, marinating makes sense, as the marinade penetrates the meat and makes it more tender. Marinade is also very often used with grilled meat, because the flavors drawn into the meat will not burn. Quickly pick your favorite marinade and enjoy the next piece of meat.

    Hauptstadtgriller - Raspberry-Frosting

    For refining meat and vegetables as well as bacon. Also as a raspberry BBQ sauce very delicious. The raspberry frosting is delicious on vanilla ice-cream!

    € 5,90 *

    Hauptstadtgriller - Cherry - Frosting

    For refining meat and vegetables. Our hint: with the cherry frosting spice up some bacon or some bacon bombs. Those will turn out delicious!

    € 5,90 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Masala Maza Vindaloo Marinade

    The Vindaloo Marinade is every curry fans favorite. This hot marinade with traditional spices, onions, garlic, tamarind and amarillo chilli is often served with chicken, pork or fish.

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    The Shizzle Voodoo Hot Jerk Marinade

    The HOT Shizzle is unique! A Pineapple based jerk marinade with the traditional Jerk spices and a little bit more heat. Simply put poultry, shrimp or pig in a zip bag and let it marinade for 24h and taste the Caribbean flavor :-)

    € 10,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Cajohns Pepperyaki Marinade Medium

    Superb Teriyaki Marinade. Fits to lots of grilled dishes but is best used as a marinade for beef jerky.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    The Shizzle Original Recipe Jerk Marinade

    The ORIGINAL Shizzle is unique! A Pineapple based jerk marinade with the traditional Jerk spices and a little bit more heat. Simply put poultry, shrimp or pork in a zip bag and let it marinade for 24h and taste the Caribbean flavor :-)

    € 10,95 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    Cajohns Carolina BBQ Marinade

    Carolina is SOUR! At least when it comes to BBQ, there the vinegar citrus marinade is a must have. In this variant refined with a smoky Chipotle note and wrapped with oranges.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 2

    Cajohns Smoked Chili Sauce

    Who loves the smoke from the BBQ and wo wants to bring the smoke on whatever comes on the BBQ will adore this sauce. Light heat, smoky tastes exactly like my type of BBQ

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Cajohns Pepperyaki Marinade Hot

    Whoever loves Teriyaki but wants more heat, that one will appreciate this marinade. Awesome Teriyaki flavor paired with a decent heat. For grilling a dream come true, but for Beef Jerky a must!

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Cajohns Gentle Jerk Carribbean Marinade

    Caribbean Jerk Marinade without much heat but as authentic as possible. Those who want more heat should keep an eye open for the Jumpin’ Jerk Marinade.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Cajohns Jumpin' Jerk Marinade

    Hot Caribbean Jerk marinade to which the fruity fiery flavor of the Habanero fits perfectly! Simply rub the meat with it and a Grill pleasure is guaranteed.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Cajohns The Reaper Super Hot Salsa

    The right hot Salsa for real Chiliheads. Habanero, Carolina Reaper and jalapenos are responsible for the right heat kick.

    € 7,95 *

    Schärfegrad 2

    Cajohns Fajita Marinade

    Fajitas are a classic form the TexMex kitchen. Here and now the marinade so you can have the authentic feeling how you should make your Fajitas.

    € 6,95 *

    Marinade: Not only delicious, but also useful!

    For grilling the marinades are of crucial importance. In the following article, find out why you should marinate before grilling your food, which meat you should not use in a marinade and much more.

    Why is the meat being marinated before grilling?

    A marinade not only provides a spicier flavor of the meat, but it also has other benefits. The day-long bath in the liquid marinade makes the piece of meat over time really crumbly. In other words, this process loses the structure and therefore the strength of the meat. As a result, it can be ultimately cut much better on the plate and later it can be chewed easier. Of course, marinating meat is also an age-old way to preserve the food for longer. A marinade can extend the "life" of the meat piece by a few days. The reasons for a marinade are thus:

    • The meat becomes crumbly (it loses structure and strength).
    • The marinade makes the food last longer.

    Which meat should you rather not marinate?

    Stay away from marinades with already frozen and thawed meat! Due to the frost in the freezer, the cell structure of the meat is attacked so much that the liquid marinade would just leach the meat. Not only does the meat become tougher, it also loses important nutrients. So: Thawed meat should not be marinated!

    What is allowed to be used in the marinade?

    Main ingredient of each marinade is often acid. This can be added in different forms of marinade. In addition to the vinegar marinade, there is also the wine marinade and the buttermilk marinade. However, there are also many marinades that have oil as their base. Of course, the meat should not just be put in the liquid like that. A good marinade has many other ingredients, all of which provide great flavor. Among them are many spices, such as rosemary, thyme and laurel. Carrots and onions are also a good choice in a marinade. All these ingredients you can leave in your marinade. On the other hand, you should crush other spices or ingredients. These include juniper berries, cloves, peppercorns and a clove of garlic. When crushed, these ingredients can best deliver their essential oils to the marinade. To complete the taste of the marinade perfectly, you can also add a little honey. Of course, your imagination has, as always when it comes to the preparation of food, no limits. As a supplement, you can also add alcoholic drinks or juices in the marinade. Coffee is also good for strong marinades.

    The main ingredients of the different marinades are:

    • Vinegar
    • Wine
    • Buttermilk
    • Oil

    What is by no means allowed in your marinade?

    There is one ingredient that has no place in a marinade, namely salt. But why exactly is that? The answer is not difficult, it has a hygroscopic effect. This means: it removes the liquid from the meat. This makes the food tougher and tastes "drier".

    This effect is quite desirable in dry pickling (another method of preservation). In return for the marinade, which is often referred to as a liquid stain, salt is the main ingredient in this method. You probably also know the most famous example: the graved salmon.

    What do you need to consider before you want to grill the marinated meat?

    Before you can put the marinated meat on the grill to cook it, you have to drain it well in advance. The dripping performs several useful purposes, on the one hand it takes the water out of the meat before grilling, avoiding for the meat to become colorless, as it becomes when the meat is just too moist for the formation of roasted aromas. On the other hand, like this, you avoid the marinade to drip very easily into the embers. In the worst case, this can not only cause excessive smoke, but can even cause serious health consequences such as cancer.

    When you remove the food from the marinade, you should not use a meat fork. To keep the juice inside you should use a pair of BBQ tongs or your freshly washed hands instead of the fork to remove them.

    You can also marinate other foods besides meat!

    In addition to meat, you can of course add many more ingredients to a marinade. How about, for example, a Mediterranean antipasti platter as a tasty appetizer for your next barbecue party? It does not take much for that, so you can easily make it yourself. Zucchini, peppers and eggplant are traditionally included in the oily marinade. The individual ingredients are first sliced and then placed in olive oil. Other important ingredients include, among others, balsamic, garlic and also onions. Other recipes also add fresh mushrooms to the marinade. The pickled mushrooms are also perfect as an appetizer, as they are delicious in this variation. If you like mushrooms, give it a try! Either you prepare the antipasti in the oven now, or you put it on the hot grill after it has really drained well. A little tip: You can also get rid of the excess oil from the antipasti with the help of several layers of kitchen roll.

    Even fish can marinate super-delicious. This gives the fish a very special taste. The most suitable for marinating fish is a marinade of white wine or white wine vinegar. But even a simple base mix of water and lemon juice fulfills its purpose here.

    So, you can easily marinate these foods:

    • Meat
    • Fish
    • Vegetable
    • Mushrooms

    A short conclusion:

    Meat is marinated for a variety of reasons. In addition to the better taste, the consistency of the meat and its durability are decisive advantages. The main ingredients of a marinade are either acidic liquids such as vinegar, wine or buttermilk, or oil. The aromatic flavorings are spices. You can partially add this roughly into the marinade. You should not put just one ingredient in your marinade, salt, because it removes the fluid from the meat. Not only meat marinates wonderfully, but also many other ingredients such as vegetables (antipasti) and fish.

    Before you can put your marinated grilled food on the grill, you have to drain it thoroughly. This will make sure that your meat gets a decent color when grilling. In addition, you can avoid the marinade dripping into the hot embers.