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    Monschauer Mustard - FIG mustard

    Item number: LD602

    The best fig mustard that we have eaten so far. Fine mustard and fruity aroma!


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    100 ml (€ 6,50 / 100 ml)

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    • Description
      Fruity and elegant: the fig mustard from the Monschauer mustard factory. Do you know the feeling you get when you smell something and you can't wait to taste it but the taste is disappointing? This cannot happen here. This mustard contains what it promises and even more! Immediately after opening you can smell the exotic smell of the figs. Mixed with a typical mustard aroma it awakens your curiosity. And you will not be disappointed. Totally fruity, aromatic with a true fig taste it's simply outstanding. The mustard fits perfectly to cheese (clearly!) but also to smoked ham, salami - it's a highlight in vinaigrettes for rocket and corn salad. It's a hit with poultry, pork and lamb meat! Tradition and a love for details represent the Monschauer mustard. In the small village of Monschau, the Monschauer mustard mill produces the best mustard as of 1882. The recipes and mustard production methods are passed on from generation to generation. This is how the Moutarde de Montjoie, the Monschauer mustard, is produced: artisanally between old mill stones. The delicate cold production method and the especially chosen ingredients make the mustard so special. You can find more than a dozen mustard specialties from the Monschauer brand in our shop: Monschauer Mustard mill. 100ml clay pot
    Heat level 1-10 1
    Ingredients Wasser, SENFMEHL(33%) , Brantweinessig, Zucker, Feigen (9%), Speisesalz, natürliches Aroma, Geliermittel Pektin, Säurungsmittel Citronensäure.
    Allergens Senf - kann Spuren von Weizenstärke enthalten.
    Country Deutschland
    Country of origin Deutschland
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar

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    Monschauer Mustard - FIG mustard

    Item number: LD602

    Monschauer Mustard - FIG mustard € 6,50 incl. tax, plus shipping