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    Barrel 51 Robust and Spicy BBQ Sauce

    Item number: LH178

    Pleasantly different from the BBQ sauces we know over here: Smoked and sweet sauce, finished off with a delightful Chipotle note at the end. Great with chicken and other meats as well.


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    • Description

      Typical American BBQ and grilling sauce with Chipotle and Chili!

      For all those who seek the something extra in their grill sauce. Barrel 51 Robust and Spicy is a typical American BBQ sauce- deliciously thick and spicy. The special note is transmitted through the Chipotle Chili, which confers an aroma that is smoky and light hot. This is especially suited for the beginners that like the heat. The sauce is perfect for grilled chicken wings, but goes very well to other meat types as well. Dark molasses, is responsible for a more pronounced aroma then that of the 'Smokey Bourbon'. A little bit of Whiskey to top up the aroma completes the taste of the sauce.

      Barrel 51 are typical American BBQ sauces - pretty thick, spicy and sweet. The molasse together with the brown sugar and onions are responsible for the consistency. The chipotle is responsible for the smoky note. The sauce is light hot due to the chilis that are added. Recommended for a perfect barbeque.

      396 ml

    Varieties Chipotle
    Heat level 1-10 3
    Ingredients Melasse, Tomatenpüree, brauner Zucker, Zwiebeln, Apfelessig, Bourbon Whisky (weniger als 1 % Alkohol), Branntweinessig, Chipotle Chilis, geräucherte Paprika, Gewürze, Salz. Enthält Alkohol.
    Allergens keine
    Country USA
    Country of origin USA
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
    Nutritional information je 100 g
    Energy 698kj/ 167kcal
    Fat 0 g
    saturated fatty acids 0 g
    Carbohydrates 43.3 g
    of which sugars 40 g
    Protein 0 g
    Salt 0.76 g
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    Barrel 51 Robust and Spicy BBQ Sauce

    Item number: LH178

    Barrel 51 Robust and Spicy BBQ Sauce € 6,95 incl. tax, plus shipping