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    Plants / Mega Chilli Plants (1)

    Mega Chilli Plants

    NEW and exclusive! Chilli plants that have it in them. They can be as big as 1.4m high and they come safely packed to your home. Diversify now your Chilli garden! Hint: be fast, extremely limited!

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      The Mega Chilli plant season 2018 is OVER. Plants can be pre-ordered again in December 2018


    Schärfegrad 9

    Charapita Red Mega Organic Chilli Plant

    Half wild capsicum chinense from the Amazon area in Peru! This has a lot of small fruits that ripen to red!

    € 14,95 *

    The ultimate chilli plants special sale! Only a few dozen per variety available! Strike now and do some hot harvest!

    Extremely limited! This year you have exclusive access to a chilli plant special - the shipment of perfectly groomed mega chilli plants!

    Here are the cornerstones for shipping the spicy mega chilli plants.

    • 12 exclusive varieties are at your disposal!
    • All plants have flowers and some fruiting approaching.
    • The plants are supplied in 3 l pots (19cm)
    • Supplied with sufficient fertilizer and are up and ready to start enjoying their new homes! 

    This is how the plants look like in 2017: