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    Oils / Spice Oil (28)

    Spice Oil

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    PREP Premium Greape Seed Oil 1l

    A mild, neutral taste oil which underlines the natural taste of your dishes and can be heated to high temperatures.

    € 12,95 *

    PREP Premium Flavour Oils 2x0,5 l

    2 cracking spice oils in 0,5l glass bottles! Save 35% now with the PREP get-to-know price!

    RRP € 19,90 € 12,95 *

    PREP Premium Chilli Oil 1l

    The special spicy oil lends grilled meat BBQ, fish and vegetable dishes a hot whiff. Also suitable for marinades, sauces, dips or frying.

    € 14,95 *

    PREP Gourmet Spray Oil 0,5l - Pack of 2

    Practical oil spray in a pack of 2 with spray nozzle

    € 14,95 *

    Prep Premium Lemon Oil 1l

    The fruity-tangy taste of lemon essence oil is the perfect culinary complement for fish and vegetable dishes, for poultry as well as salad dressings.

    € 14,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Olio Duo Infernale, double pack

    Enjoy the fine Calabrian olive oil (extra virgin) at a discount. 100 ml per bottle. Heat (1-10) 5-7

    € 12,50 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Olio Habanero 100 ml

    Fine Calabrian olive oil(Native Extra). Pepped up with fiery pepperoncini - a true delicacy for connoisseurs. 100 ml bottle. Heat (1-10): 7

    € 8,95 *

    PREP Premium Spice Oil Oriental Flame 1l

    Roast sesame oil and a finely tuned chili aroma lend through this oil taste to multiple Asian recipes. Try it now and be bewildered!

    € 15,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Olio Santo Extra 100 ml

    Fine Calabrian olive oil(Native Extra). Pepped up with fiery pepperoncini - a true delicacy for connoisseurs. 100 ml bottle.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Chili Olive Oil Set artePiccante

    5pc Set of the finest olive oils, straight from Italy, seasoned with the incomparable chili aromas.

    € 59,00 *

    PREP Premium Peanut Oil roasted 1l

    Peanut oil brings you the nutty taste and really good deep frying properties!

    € 14,95 *

    PREP Gourmet Spray Oil 0,5l

    The butter alternative is now available as a practical oils spray.

    € 7,95 *

    PREP Premium Walnut Oil 1l

    Whether you need a special oil for cold dishes, for vinaigrettes or salads or if you need it for frying - walnut oil is a hit!

    € 14,95 *

    PREP Premium Basil Oil 0,5l

    In a 0,5l glass bottle! Extremely tasty for any Mediterranean dish! PREP's basil essence olive oil is a perfect fit for any dish made with tomatoes.

    € 9,95 *

    Prep Premium Garlic Oil 0,5l

    In a 0,5l glass bottle! A few sprays are enough to spice up your dishes with the unmistakable taste of garlic.

    € 9,95 *

    PREP Premium Chili Oil 0.5l

    In a 0,5l glass bottle! The special spicy oil lends grilled meat BBQ, fish and vegetable dishes a hot whiff. Also suitable for marinades, sauces, dips or frying.

    € 9,95 *

    PREP Premium Wok Oil 1l

    This special oil was developed for pan and wok dishes! The extremely high temperature that you can heat this oil to, together with the garlic and ginger aromas turn your dish in to a certain hit!

    € 14,95 *

    PREP Gouret Oil 2l

    PREP Gourmet is a vegetal oil mix with a buttery taste. Ideal of pan frying, stewing, baking as well as an important ingredient for refined dishes.

    € 9,95 *

    PREP Premium Spice Oil FireHouse 1l

    Extremely high-quality spice oil with an interesting spice note. Developed for the gastro-professionals but also recommended for ambitious hobby chefs.

    € 15,95 *

    PREP Premium Sesame Oil 1l

    A taste festival with these products from the House PREP. Heatable to very high temperatures - which makes it ideal for deep frying.

    € 14,95 *

    Prep Premium Lemon Oil 0,5l

    In a 0,5l glass bottle! The fruity-tangy taste of lemon essence oil is the perfect culinary complement for fish and vegetable dishes, for poultry as well as salad dressings.

    € 9,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Olio al Peperoncino, piccante

    Virgin Italian olive oil with Pepperoncino which gives it a great taste

    € 9,95 *

    PREP Premium Würzöl SmokeHouse 1l

    A smoky spice oil developed by gastronomy professionals.

    € 15,95 *

    PREP Premium Spice Oil CurryHouse 1l

    A spice oil with an interesting curry aroma. Developed by gastro-professionals, it lends a nice curry note to your own dishes.

    € 15,95 *
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    Spice oil preserves the flavors!

    If you want to add a little more whistle to your dishes, spice oil can be the appropriate way. Find out in the following article all the important facts that need to be known about spice oil.

    How is a spice oil actually made?

    The production of a spice oil is really not very difficult. To obtain the flavored oil, the spices are simply placed in the liquid oil over a long period of time. This is really literal, because the approach has to rest for at least four weeks, in a cool and dark place. As a basis for a spice oil, Mediterranean, virgin olive oil is used. However, some spice oils are based on a different oil, namely grape seed oil, which can be heated without hesitation also to higher temperatures. Quite a few spice oils additionally contain a pinch of sea salt to perfectly round off the taste. It is important for a good quality of each spice oil only that the spices used should always be very fresh. It does not matter if all the fruit, including peel, lands in the spice oil. It is only important that all parts of the plant are removed from the glass or bottle as soon as they are no longer covered by oil, otherwise mild mold can form. In order to obtain an optimal spice oil, hard spices such as peppercorns or even chilli peppers can be crushed, so that they can deliver their aromas perfectly to the oil.

    Which spices are suitable for a spice oil?

    Of course, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to spice oil; everything is allowed! Pepper, for example, is especially popular. In addition to this peppery spice oil, there are a number of other delicious creations. Very often, for example, spices such as basil and thyme are used for the fine spice oils. Of course, there are also different hot variants. How about a fiery habanero chilli oil, for example? These oils do not taste too hot as the oil's fat naturally compensates for the heat of the chilies. Another spice that is often seasoned in a spice oil is garlic. Even spiced oils from lemons are not uncommon. Also, often are wild garlic and also pepper, offered as a spice oil. Also garlic oils are very popular. The preferred spices for a spice oil are:

    • Pepper
    • Thyme
    • Basil
    • Chilli
    • Wild Garlic
    • Pepper
    • Garlic

    Of course combinations are also possible!

    To achieve a particularly rounded taste, most spice oils consist of more than one spice, but rather a mixture. The composition of the individual flavors form, as a result, often a really excellent taste. Popular combinations include:

    • Rosemary pepper oil
    • Thyme rosemary oil

    What can you use the spice oil in the kitchen for?

    You can really use the spice oil for all the foods that you want to add a special taste to. Of course, the use is always a bit dependent on which spice is in the spice oil. If, for example, you want to make a delicious marinade, you can of course add a few drops of garlic oil. Or you use the garlic oil to bring your own garlic bread on the table. This simple meal can be the highlight of the entire evening and your guests will be surprised how well a homemade garlic bread tastes. A delicious spice oil is also great for grilled fish and meat, you can just drizzle it on the grilled food. The taste will convince you. Even freshly grilled vegetables, get the final kick with the right spice oil. Spice oil can be really used individually, so it is a really good alternative to traditional, tasteless oil. No matter what you do with the spice oil in the kitchen, whether you are frying or if you braise, your food will in any case, through the flavors of the oil, get a very special taste. Even a simple salad dressing gets a very different note with a delicious spice oil.

    With these oils you can spice things up!

    Due to the fact that the spice oils preserve the individual flavors of each spice, you can spice it perfectly with the oils. This applies to almost all dishes, including soups and sauces. Food that has been pre-loaded in such an oil usually does not need to be post-seasoned. However, if you use the spice oil only in the course of cooking as a seasoning, this can be wonderfully dosed. A small amount is already sufficient in most cases, since the oils have an intense taste of their own. In the gastronomy, the spice oils are for this reason, also gladly used for cooking.

    Why is the taste of the oils so intense?

    As already mentioned, the oil conserves the flavors of spices. Another reason for the strong taste of spice oils is the fact that fat is generally used as a flavor carrier. What is that supposed to mean? This means that a taste is perceived much more intense when eaten with some fat. Among cooks and hobby cooks, this principle has been known for a long time. But why is that? The answer lies in the flavors of the spices themselves, some can dissolve only in fat properly. The principle is similar to the beta-carotene from a carrot, only with a little oil, the body can convert this substance into vitamin A. The fat is so much better than its reputation and plays an important role when it comes to the taste. A food without fat does not taste like anything. Of course, the taste is present, but not perceived as intense.

    The conclusion is:

    The basis for a good spice oil is usually an olive oil, but occasionally also grapeseed oil is used. When choosing spices, on the other hand, your imagination has not limits. As a popular spice for oil you can use for example, pepper, chilli and thyme. Of course, mixtures of several spices are possible. The production of flavored oils is not particularly difficult. The delicious oil can be used for many areas in the kitchen, a marinade is just one example. You can spice it up with a spice oil. The intense taste of these oils is due to the fact that the flavors are downright conserved, also fat is always a flavor carrier, which means that the individual tastes are intensified by the fat.