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    Mole Poblano Rojo Dona Chonita, 310 ml

    Item number: LM018

    Are you familiar with Chipotle in Adobo? With this La Costena highlight you get to take the whole thing home in salsa format. Extremely delicious!


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    • Description

      Mole Poblano - the most well known under the Moles!

      In Mexico there are numerous versions of the Mole, a spicy sauce made from chilies, tomatoes and spices. The Mole Poblano has its name most probably because it comes from the region of Puebla. The special part about the Mole Poblano is that it is made with cocoa. This is also where it gets its nice dark brown color. Usually the mole is eaten together with Enchiladas and Burritos, but also to rice and meat. Moreover the delicious sauce is part of the national Mexican dish “Chicken Poblano”

      You need more delicious mexican specialities for your next Fiesta? In the Pepperworld Hot Shop you will find everything you need! Besides Moles, beans and mexican vegetables & chilies from La Costena you should also take a look at our Salsa and our delicious Tortilla chips!

    Varieties Other
    Heat level 1-10 3
    Ingredients Wasser, Zucker, Weizencracker, Sojaöl, Sesamsamen, Mulato Chilis, Pasilla Chilis, Hühnerbrühe, Kakao, Ancho Chilis, Erdnüsse, Zwiebeln, Jodsalz, Morita Chilis, Gewürze.
    Allergens Weizen, Soja, Sesam, Erdnuss
    Country Mexiko
    Country of origin Mexiko
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
    Nutritional information pro 100 g
    Energy 392, 51 kJ/ 93, 75 kcal
    Fat 6, 25 g
    saturated fatty acids 0 g
    Carbohydrates 12, 5 g
    of which sugars 6, 25 g
    Protein 0 g
    Salt 0, 9 g
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    Mole Poblano Rojo Dona Chonita, 310 ml

    Item number: LM018

    Mole Poblano Rojo Dona Chonita, 310 ml

    RRP € 4,45

    € 3,12 incl. tax, plus shipping