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Our founding father Harald discovered his passion for spiciness, heat and chillies in 1996, during his business trip to the USA and immediately caught fire. In 1999, Harald started to share his knowledge and recipes with Chilliheads and connoisseurs in a German-speaking Blog.

In 2001, he decided to found the first German chilli online shop – at the time quite modern – in order to reach as many chilli lovers as possible.

In 2011, the mission passed on the next generation and we will continue it. All over the world and in the local manufactories, we still are looking for that certain something. That very special spice, that particularly treacherous sauce, the sweet and malty BBQ rub and the tasty marinade – from mild to wild – the ingredient that gives that very special feeling.

At the Pepperworld Spicy Good Food Market, you will find special products from all over the world that make your cuisine exciting.

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For us, doing it ourselves plays a big role. With our seeds, plants and special accessories, your balcony, terrace or garden will become your dream garden.

We are in process of building the largest chilli seeds bank in Europe and we also have first-hand experience of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs – and in just a few years, all of them will be of organic quality.

Instructions with a guarantee of success and recipes can be found in our blog. If you don’t have the time or the desire to grow your own chillies, our cultivated organic chilli plants are just right for you. Here you can also choose from a large variety of chilli.

We develop the value chain with small manufacturers and growers – from the seed to the fruit, from the raw material to the sauce! For us, characteristics like organic, premium quality, without additives and hand-made developed with heart are elementary.