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    Gourmet Food / Pickled Chilli (28)

    Pickled Chilli

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    Schärfegrad 5

    Chipotle in Adobo, La Costena

    Originally from Mexico: Whole Chipotle pods (smoked ripe Jalapeno chilies) in a thick spicy pepped up tomato sauce

    RRP € 2,45 € 0,00 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Jalapeno Nachos en Escabeche

    Cut in slices! Classic nacho chilli, spicy and pickled

    € 1,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Panola Spicy Sweet Jalapenos

    Super tasty sweet-spicy Jalapeno rings from Louisiana.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Salsa Chipotle, La Costena

    Do you know the Chipotle in Adobo? With this highlight from La Costena you get the whole salsa format at your home. Really delicious!

    € 2,15 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Jalapenos en Escabeche

    Classic Mexican chilli, spicy and sour pickled

    € 1,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Jalapenos Picados, La Costena

    Spicy Jalapenos is cubes. Refines all dishes that need a little extra Jalapeno taste

    € 2,45 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Red Jalapenos en Escabeche

    Divinely Mexican! Classic red chilies, spicy and pickled

    € 2,35 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Toreados, Red Jalapeno Slices, La Costena

    Get the Mexican fire in your local kitchen: Red grilled Jalapeno slices with onions.

    € 2,95 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Panola - Whole red Tabasco Chilies

    +++NEU +++ Whole red Tabasco chilies that are pickled in vinegar. Multi purpose use!

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Panola - Whole green Tabasco Chilies

    +++NEU +++ Whole green Tabasco chilies pickled in vinegar. A typical delicacy from the southern states!

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Serranos en Escabeche

    Classic Mexican chili, spicy and sour pickled

    € 1,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Panola Sweet & Spicy Pickles

    +++NEU +++ These sweet pickled cucumbers have a light heat kick!

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Salsa Dip mild, 410 ml

    Originally from Mexico: Whole Chipotle pods (smoked ripe Jalapeno chilies) in a thick spicy pepped up tomato sauce. Heat level (1-10): 5

    € 2,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Green Tomatillo, La Costena, 794g

    Looks like gigantic, light green colored Physalis and taste extremely good. Tomatillos are the basis of the Latin-American kitchen.

    € 4,95 *

    Hauptstadtgriller - Raspberry-Frosting

    For refining meat and vegetables as well as bacon. Also as a raspberry BBQ sauce very delicious. The raspberry frosting is delicious on vanilla ice-cream!

    € 8,65 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Green Tomatillos, La Costena, 2800g

    Looks like gigantic, light green colored Physalis and taste extremely good. Tomatillos are the basis of the Latin-American kitchen. *Big version*

    € 10,95 *

    Schärfegrad 9

    Fireland's Rings of Fire - Habanero

    Freshly pickled, cut in slices, orange, hot habanero chilies that have a great flavor! From the house Fireland in Austria!

    € 6,90 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Fireland's Rings of Fire - Jalapeno

    Freshly pickled, cut in slices, green, hot Jalapeno chilies that have a great flavor! From the house Fireland in Austria!

    € 6,90 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Cut Diavolini chilies in Olive Oil

    Red ripened Calabrian cherry chillies in extra virgin olive oil. Fiery and tasty! Heat (1-10):5

    € 7,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Jalapeno Nachos en Escabeche 2800g

    Cut in slices! Classic nacho chilli, spicy sour and pickled

    € 12,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Round Diavolini Chilies in Olive Oil

    Red ripened Calabrian cherry chillies in extra virgin olive oil. Fiery and tasty!

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 9

    Chocolate Habaneros, pickled

    Fresh, marinated, whole fiery, hot Habanero chilies - awesome in taste and heat!

    € 6,50 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Mole Adobo, La Costena 310 ml

    Mole, the all round sauce in a lot of variations and that is fitting not only for the Mexico fans! Fits perfectly to poultry, pork, rice and vegetables!

    RRP € 4,45 € 2,20 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Whole Naga/Bhut Jolokia, pickled

    Selected, extra fiery Bhut Jolokia chilies, ripened under the south Italian sun, marinated in vinegar.

    € 7,95 *
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    Pickled chilies just taste fantastic!

    Vegetable varieties have been used for many thousands of years. This has several, practical effects. Of course, the pods of the chilli plant can be pickled. Learn in this article, which advantages this has over the food.

    Why are the chilies pickled?

    The fruits are pickled for various reasons. Of course, the pickling is a traditional method of preservation, that is, the food is longer lasting and therefore kept edible for longer. Another effect is the special taste created by this method. Depending on which liquid the chilies are inserted in, a very special taste is formed.

    Which types of chilli can be used?

    Many different chilies are pickled and made durable and tasty in this way. Very often, for example, the small tomatillos or cherry chilies are pickled. Other varieties that are suitable for pickling are, for example, Jalapeños and Habaneros. But other chilies, such as Bhut Jolokia or Naga are excellent for this method. Specialties such as the chipotles (smoked jalapenos) are often used in the traditional South American cuisine. One example is the classic Chipotle in Adobo sauce, a tomato sauce. The varieties that are suitable for pickling are thus:

    • Tomatillos
    • Jalapeños
    • Habaneros
    • Bhut Jolokia
    • Naga
    • Chipotles

    What are the chilies pickled in?

    As a natural preservative, liquids, such as vinegar or oil have always been known. Chilies are often pickled in a mixture of the two. If the vegetables are not only pickled in the liquid itself, but other ingredients are added, the expert speaks of a so-called brine. For example, spices and onions are added to this mixture for the perfect taste. The best-known example of how to pickle food is, without a doubt, the little gherkins. In addition to these variants, there are still some, typical local sauces in which the chilies are pickled. Examples include the Chipotles in Adobo and the Mexican mole, a traditional sauce that comes in really varied variations. The most typical liquids in which pickled chilies are offered, we have summarized again in a short list:

    • Oil (often olive oil)
    • Vinegar
    • Adobo
    • Mole

    How are the chilies pickled?

    This ultimately depends on which of the liquids already described, you want your pods to be pickled in. The easiest way to do this is with chilli pickled in oil. First, all the wood components, such as the stems, must be removed. After that, the pods must be pierced several times with a fork or a toothpick. As a result, the oil can penetrate into the interior of the pod, it is even hotter. The piercing of the pods actually fulfills a much more important purpose, namely, through the holes, the fouling gases that inevitably arise are able to escape. If this does not happen, there is a risk that the chilies will begin to ferment. The pressure that may be created could be so strong over time that even the glass can burst. After the pods are prepared, they can be filled in a clean glass and covered with oil. For example, pickled chilies in a vinegar bath are a bit more complicated to make. The chilies are prepared just as the previous method, but the bath has to simmer once. Once that's the case, it's time to put the chilies in the pot and let them cook for a while. While the pods are removed and filled into the jar, the liquid should boil again. Finally, the brew is then poured over the chilies. In both cases, it is extremely important that the chilies are completely covered in the liquid. Otherwise there is a risk of mold growth.

    Where can you buy pickled chilies?

    Unfortunately, these really delicious products have not arrived in our local supermarkets and discounters. The specialty is sometimes found in the delicatessen, as it is the deli itself. In the World Wide Web, there are of course several sites where the chilies are available at any time. You can find this tasty chilli specialty among others in Pepperworld Hot Shop.

    How do you like the pickled chilies?

    Of course, that depends primarily on what chilli are mixed with. For example, if the pods are in vinegar, that will automatically cause a slightly sour taste. However, this acid, even if you would not expect it, blends perfectly with the heat of the chilies. Other variations are for example, when chilies are loaded in olive oil and get other flavors. All varieties have one thing in common, the really extraordinary and fantastic taste. And best of all, the pickled chilies can be processed in so many ways in the kitchen.

    The insider tip is the oil!

    Every gourmet knows how well flavored oils can be used in the kitchen. Of course, this also applies to chilli oil. The uses are as varied as the tastes themselves. For example, you can sear your meat in this oil or you drizzle it immediately after grilling with the spicy oil. But beware: The heat is often really very extreme, so usually a few drops are enough. So, if you like to use chilies in your oil for your dishes, the oil is not a waste product, quite the contrary. With this ingredient you can literally spice up a lot of food.

    What is the conclusion about pickled chilies?

    The chilies are, like other vegetables, also inserted for the purpose of preservation and taste. Olive oil and / or vinegar are usually used as liquid. To further refine the taste, spices are added to the mix. Of course, the taste of pickled chilies varies, depending on the liquid in which they are finally inserted. The pickled chilies are comparable with the popular gherkins. If you want to taste it, you can either make your pickled chilies yourself or order this authentic specialty directly from us at the Pepperworld Hot Shop. Of course, if you decide to buy chilies in oil, you can not only use the pods themselves, but of course the oil in which they have been pickled. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the true connoisseur to refine even everyday dishes with a certain kick.