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    Oils / Chilli Oil (5)

    Chilli Oil

    Schärfegrad 7

    Olio Habanero 100 ml

    100 ml (€ 8,95 / 100 ml)

    Fine Calabrian olive oil(Native Extra). Pepped up with fiery pepperoncini - a true delicacy for connoisseurs. 100 ml bottle. Heat (1-10): 7

    € 8,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Olio Duo Infernale, double pack

    200 ml (€ 6,25 / 100 ml)

    Enjoy the fine Calabrian olive oil (extra virgin) at a discount. 100 ml per bottle. Heat (1-10) 5-7

    € 12,50 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Olio Santo Extra 100 ml

    100 ml (€ 6,95 / 100 ml)

    Fine Calabrian olive oil(Native Extra). Pepped up with fiery pepperoncini - a true delicacy for connoisseurs. 100 ml bottle.

    € 6,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Smoked Olive Oil with Chili - Fuego del Sol

    200 ml (€ 5,98 / 100 ml)

    Fine, aromatic smoked olive oil (Extra Virgin) with fiery Habanero chilies.

    € 11,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Chili Olive Oil Set artePiccante

    200 ml (€ 29,50 / 100 ml)

    5pc Set of the finest olive oils, straight from Italy, seasoned with the incomparable chili aromas.

    € 59,00 *

    Chilli oil: The combination of fiery chilies with mild oil!

    How is the spicy oil produced and what can you use it for? These and other important questions about chilli oil will be explained in detail in the next paragraphs.

    How is chilli oil made?

    The production of chilli oil is really quite simple. It takes little to get a good end product. The main ingredient is of course oil, mostly olive oil is used. To make fiery chilli oil, you need to pour the oil of your choice over the chilli peppers. These inlaid chilli peppers must now be left for several weeks, which requires just a little patience. During this time, the flavors of chilli go into the oil, as they are literally preserved in the liquid. In order to achieve the best possible result, the chilli peppers are usually crushed in advance in order to develop the flavor better.

    Which chilies are contained in the oils?

    Of course, only the best chilies are used for a good chilli oil. Many oils are even made of several types of chilies and thus they have a wonderful flavor composition. The usual suspects, such as Habanero and Jalapeño, are of course often present in the fiery chilli oils. Depending on the taste, however, other types of chilli are also used for the oils.

    What uses are there for chilli oil in the kitchen?

    The fields of application for the chilli oil are almost unlimited. If you're a real fan of spicy food, you can use the fiery oil to refine almost any food. Of course, the chilli oil is the perfect base for a fiery marinade. In this marinade, you can then, for example, at your next barbecue, use it on the food before it is grilled. By the way, a spicy marinade is not only great for meat but also for seafood, such as prawns. But that's not all, you can use the chilli oil in the kitchen in many other ways. How about, for example, a freshly made salad, just instead of conventional oil, this time you make it with the spicy chilli oil? Of course, you can also fry and steam with the chilli oil, so you automatically give your food a certain kick. But even with bread, chilli oil goes perfectly well, either as a dip or as a spread. For example, if you sprinkle a slice of baguette with the oil and roast it briefly in the oven or on the grill, then you have a wonderful appetizer for your barbecue party. The most important applications in the kitchen, we have briefly summarized for you:

    • as the basis for fiery marinades,
    • in a salad dressing,
    • for frying and steaming,
    • with bread

    Are there any other uses?

    Since chilli dilates the blood vessels and thus is responsible for a better blood circulation, the chilli oil can also be used against muscle and joint pain and tension. The treatment of acute rheumatism is a very good example of this. You can either apply it to the skin on its own or you can mix it with an ointment as an additional effect. But poor blood circulation can also have other, negative consequences, such as circulatory weakness or cold hands and feet. All these effects can be alleviated by the use of chilli oil. Chilli has other positive effects on your health, including the mental health. It has been known for a long time that the pungent pods can also provide a better mood, so it is a natural antidepressant. Chilli oil has all these abilities thanks to the capsaicin of chilli. But this phytochemical has another important influence on your body, it binds the free radicals that attack your cells. This ability makes capsaicin an antioxidant. It is no coincidence that chilli has been known as a medicinal plant in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for millennia. Also, in other cultures, the positive effect of chilli and chilli products, such as oil, has been known for a long time.

    Even losing weight could be possible!

    The positive effect of chilli on the blood circulation has a wonderful side effect, it stimulates the metabolism. This in turn ensures better fat burning. Recent research aimed at precisely this influence of capsaicin. It is believed that the ingredient can help you lose weight. With all the health improvements, you should not forget that you have to eat a well-balanced and varied diet to be healthy. The positive effects of using chilli oil can be found in the following list:

    • dilates the blood vessels (better blood circulation),
    • relieves tension,
    • helps against muscle and joint pain,
    • increases the general mood,
    • helps against free radicals and thus against cell damage,
    • stimulates the metabolism.

    Can the consumption of chilli oil also have negative effects?

    Excessive consumption of chilli and chilli products can also have disadvantages. Especially for people with health problems, such as heart problems or circulatory weaknesses, too high a consumption of chilli products, can be dangerous. To consume such amounts, however, you would have to drink the oil pure. Smaller amounts, as with normal use, cannot usually be harmful to the human body. The chilli oil is far less dangerous than a pure chilli pepper, because the fat in the oil binds off the capsaicin naturally.

    Where can you buy chilli oil?

    Meanwhile, you can buy good chilli oil in every major supermarket. Also, online there are some offers. In our shop, for example, you will find a large selection of delicious chilli oils from the one of the best chilli peppers and oils manufacturer available.

    A short conclusion:

    The production of chilli oil is not difficult, and the applications are varied, even as a painkiller can the chilli oil be used. Good oils are made from crushed chilies and virgin olive oil. The chilies used are often habanero and jalapeño. If you use a chilli oil, it can be proven to lift your spirits. The ingredient capsaicin, can have many more positive effects on your health. So chilli oil is not just an ingredient, it has a positive effect on many parts of your body. For this reason, chilli oil has also been used for millennia by primitive peoples, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine as an effective mean. The fat in the oil binds the active ingredient of chilli, therefore, the consumption in normal amounts, even for people with health complaints is harmless. You can buy the hot oils either in the supermarket or online, for example in our shop.