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    Noodle Cracker

    With the NoodelMachern, we have developed 7 strong new snacks! Maximum taste with minimal list of ingredients. The best pasta cracker meets the most popular Pepperworld spices! STRONGLY DISCOUNTED INTRODUCTORY PRICES - up to -38%!

    NEW at the Pepperworld Hot Shop - Handmade Pasta Cracker

    Handmade Pasta Dough from a Swabian manufactory meets the most popular Pepperworld spices!


    3 Important Tips For Properly Using Snack Attack Noodle Cracker

    1. Just Snorkel With Family & Friends? Go to the 3 mild varieties  -  Italian Style Southwestern and West of Texas BBQ.

    2. Cracker snack for real Chiliheads? The following 4 varieties are for you: Peperoncino Curry Explosiv, Habanero Extreme and XXXTRA Hot!

    3. There are a total of 7 exciting Snack Attack Noodle Crackers variants here. Buy the 7x Pasta Cracker Set and save more than 35%!