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Mikalido Mexicana Doublepack

Item number: LD352

Medium hot fiery tomato chili spirit- Double pack. Maximum hottitude, fits perfectly with beer or after a meal


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More than 1000 products
More than 125.000 satisfied customers
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  • Description
    Mexican Mikalido expels evil ghosts… According to legend 18 years old Pepe Gonzales emigrated in the middle of the 20th century from the small Mexican village of Mikalido to Berlin, Germany. His dream was to sustain himself from the popularization of the Mexican cuisine - thus he brought some recipes with him among which the recipe for his favorite drink, a refreshing hot, herby tomato based spirit. Mexicans claim that it drives away evil ghosts. This is why in Mexico it is known as the Mexican exorcist. Due to Pepe’s origins, another name has been used: Mikalido Mexicana. And so, from as far back as the 1960s the 'Mexican', as it's called by the likeable and half ignorant people of Berlin, has become a regular of the Berlin Pub culture. Mikalido Mexicana is a tomato-chili based hearty herby spirit. Can be found in 2 versions - medium and hot. The spirit contains a balanced mix of chilis and herbs that doesn't light up the fires of hell but that leaves a nice warmth and herb taste on the palate that disappears with the next beer. Those that like it less hot ca for sure try the medium hot version. Mikalido contains fruit bits than can form a deposit - that's why the drink always needs to be shaken. It tastes better if cold! Mikalido is a spirit this is why there is no best before date. After opening we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator and consumption within 4 weeks. Each 0,7 Liter, 18 Vol%
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