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Chili Jam

Schärfegrad 3

Pe's Chili Jam - 180g-Glass

New and exclusive to us: This glorious sweet-spicy chili jam brings south Africa to the table.

€ 6,50 *

Schärfegrad 10

Lava Jolokia Fiery Jam

NOW NEW DESIGN The balled-up power of the Bhut Jolokia! A fruit spread that serves as an extremely hot chili paste for seasonings - without vinegar taste

€ 4,95 *

Schärfegrad 3

Piment d'Espelette Fruit spread Jelly

The juice of the Piment d'Espelette makes this jelly sweet, fruity and spicy. Exceptional as bread spread and for exotic sweet&sour dishes

€ 4,65 *

Schärfegrad 6

Pika Pika Mango-rosewater Jelly

Harmony in jelly form - fruity mango, flowery rosewater and a persistent but comfortable heat.

€ 6,00 *

Schärfegrad 5

Sweet Rocoto Fruchtaufstrich

Pepperworld's Sweet Rocoto Fruit spread contains up to 63% fresh Rocoto Chilis- the perfect mix of sweet and long-lasting heat

€ 5,95 *

Schärfegrad 4

Orange Marmelade with Habanero

Fruity jam made from sun-ripened southern Italian oranges, finely seasoned with fresh ginger and fiery habaneros. Much more than just a bread spread

€ 5,50 *