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Habanero-dried pods

Item number: LS101

The chilis with the super heat and super aroma. Get Habanero pods in absolute premium quality!


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  • Description

    Buy Habanero Chilis dried in premium quality!

    Habanero chilis are among the hottest on the planet. As a matter of fact, they rate between 100.000 and 300.000 on the Scoville scale.

    But there is more to the Habaneros than just the heat and that's the complex, multi-faceted and very enjoyable aroma that reminds of tropical fruits. The dried fruits can be ground into powder, crushed to flakes with and if soaked in water for about an hour they can be used in sauces, salsas etc. Caution, only handle with rubber gloves! Are you hot on Habaneros big pack that is that is more about the extreme heat than the aroma...

Varieties Habanero
Heat level 1-10 10
Ingredients Habanero
Allergens keine
Country Deutschland
Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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Habanero-dried pods

Item number: LS101

Habanero-dried pods € 4,95 incl. tax, plus shipping