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    Fresh Chilli Carolina Reaper, 50g

    Item number: BA091

    The hottest Chili in the world, now as fresh Chili in your home


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    • Description

      Carolina Reaper - the hottest chilli in the world!

      ATTENTION: Hint for delivery information: Comes fresh in our shop every wednesday/thursday!

      In the guiness book of records the Carolina Reaper is noted as the hottest chilli in the world. The pods are quite cute and red, but  they have a punch! If you want to process the Carolina Reaper should use your Chilli protective gear and you are ready to go!


      Real burning heat with a light sparkling taste.


      Rumours have it that there are people that eat the Carolina Reaper raw, directly from the plant. The rest of the people dry out the hot fruits and grind them to powder so that they can be used in spice mixes or directly on the food.

      Our recommandation

      The hottest powder in the world should be used only in very small amounts!

      Carolina Reaper Pulver selbst gemacht


      50g Carolina Reaper

      (Drier and mill, mouth protection and single use gloves)


      1. Cut the Carolina Reaper chilies in half and remove the seeds
      2. Let the halved fruits dry out in the dryer at about 48°C for about 8-10 hours.
      3. Grind the dried out pods with the help of a coffee grinder or something similar to a powder
      4. Because the resulting powder is very hot, a very small quantity is enough for a very long time.

      There are many more recipes here: Recipes on Pepperworld.com (German langage)

      More fresh chilies can be found here: Fresh chilies

    Varieties Carolina Reaper
    Heat level 1-10 10
    Country of origin Germany

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    Fresh Chilli Carolina Reaper, 50g

    Item number: BA091

    Fresh Chilli Carolina Reaper, 50g

    RRP € 4,95

    € 3,95 incl. tax, plus shipping FRESH4YOU: Versand nur MO - DO