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FeuerStreuer Habanero Extreme

Item number: LS120

The culinary chili inferno for the kitchen and at the table. With fiery Habaneros, China chilis, black pepper, cilantro and garlic. Really hot, really tasty!


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  • Description

    FeuerStreuer Habanero Extreme - The Ultimate Habanero Spice

    The name 'FeuerStreuer' (FireShaker) says it all, right?

    This spreader should not be missing from anywhere, where you want the seasoning to be really fiery. A balanced composition of super-hot habaneros, black pepper, garlic, China Chili, coriander and some salt. Really hot and really delicious! Whether eggs in any form, cheese, soups, meat and fish dishes, salads and dips, this is a super spice mixture as an alternative fuel for re-spicing at the table. Feuerstreuer-Fan Thorsten S. spread the following hot tip: In our circle of friends we very often make Rougette with a neat layer of FeuerStreuer Habanero Extreme and Smoky. Due to the fat cheese, the heat is somewhat softened, so that one can spice up very generously and the taste of the chilis comes out wonderfully. Then always eat about 1cm down and spice again after. This makes it possible even for the people that do not like it as hot to taste very hot varieties, which are then very astonished as how different (and above all good!) the hotter varieties can taste. Also works with classic cheese fondue. Glass shaker 50 g

  • Recipes
Varieties Habanero
Heat level 1-10 9
Ingredients Chili Habanero, schwarzer Pfeffer, Knoblauch, China Chilis, Koriander, Salz, (kann Spuren von Senf und Sellerie enthalten)
Allergens keine
Country Deutschland
Country of origin Deutschland
Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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FeuerStreuer Habanero Extreme

Item number: LS120

FeuerStreuer Habanero Extreme € 4,95 incl. tax, plus shipping