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    Equipment / Wood Fuel (13)

    Wood Fuel

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Alder - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 6,49 / kg)

    The smoking flour made from alder by the house Axtschlag does not taste that fruity. The flavor fits especially well to fish.

    € 6,49 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Fruity Herb Explosion - 240g

    0 g (€ 0,02 / g)

    This smoking flour from Axtschlag tastes exactly the way it is also called! The one of a kind smoke flavor fits very good to a lot of food.

    € 3,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Birch - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 6,49 / kg)

    The smoking flour birch from Axtschlag develops a fine sweetish smoke flavor. This taste harmonizes wonderful with fish.

    € 6,49 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Oak - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 6,49 / kg)

    The smoking flour oak is even more intense than the one from the hickory smoking flour. This flavor fits especially good to meat and poultry.

    € 6,49 *
    € 3,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Walnut - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 7,99 / kg)

    The smoking flour made from walnut wood refines the grilled food with a great taste. The walnut wood flour is recommended for smoking dark meat.

    € 7,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Beech - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 6,49 / kg)

    With the smoking flour from Axtschlag, traditional smoking in a smoking oven is possible. A classic is for example the smoked trout.

    € 6,49 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Plum - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 7,99 / kg)

    This smoking flour from plum wood produces a mild and fruity smoke flavor that is somewhat similar to the hickory wood taste.

    € 7,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Cherry - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 7,99 / kg)

    The smoking flour cherry wood from Axtschlag is responsible not only for a sweet cherry flavor, but at the same time also for a great taste.

    € 7,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Apple - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 7,99 / kg)

    The smoking flour apple wood, from the house of Axtschlag, refines with its golden brown smoke especially fish, see food and poultry.

    € 7,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Hickory - 1Kg

    0 kg (€ 7,99 / kg)

    The smoking flour hickory from Axtschlag, due to its intense smoke flavor assures an authentic BBQ taste, just like in the USA!

    € 7,99 *

    ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    0 piece (€ 42,50 / piece)

    Cold smoke generator. It is filled with smoking chips and they glimmer for many hours without generating too much heat.

    € 42,50 *

    A good wood fuel ensures the perfect barbecue!

    In a real barbecue, the use of smoke is crucial. One way to produce this smoke is to use the so-called wood fuel. The following article explains in more detail what this is all about. It is shown, from which wood the flour is extracted and in which type of smokers it can be used.

    What exactly is the wood fuel?

    Smoke flour is, as the name suggests, a wood flour used for smoking many foods. A well-known example is the smoked trout, which is smoked using beech flour. The smoked flour is the finest kind in which the wood can be further processed. The chip size of the individual particles is only between 0-4 mm. Due to the small size, the surface of the individual chips automatically becomes larger. This effect ultimately ensures that the wood fuel burns very slowly and evenly. Since wood fuel is used to smoke food, good quality of it is of utmost importance. A good smoking meal is a pure natural product, without synthetic additives. Of course, this is possible because the extraneous parts, are sorted out very carefully during production. This is also the crucial point from which it is absolutely advisable to obtain the smoking fuel - only from specialized retailers. The use of wood fuel can, under wrong circumstances, be very dangerous to your health. Particularly alarming are, for example, chips made out of treated wood.

    Different woods also produce different flavors!

    Of course, there are differences in the result, depending on which wood is used for smoking. A fruit wood, such as cherry or apple, of course, also produces a fruity smoke flavor. The foods, on the other hand, get a strong note from woods, such as oak or hickory. The wood of the hickory tree is considered the most authentic smoking wood when it comes to an original American barbecue. However, there are also types of wood that are completely unsuitable for smoking, including all conifers, because they are too resinous. The high resin content ensures that the wood burns too fast and the food, in the worst case, gets a tarry taste. As always, the exception confirms the rule. Especially in the Black Forest, the wood of spruce, pine and fir, has been used for a very long time for the smoking of the world famous Black Forest ham. However, there are a variety of other types of wood from which the aromatic smoking fuel is made. But which are they exactly? In addition to the types of wood already mentioned, for example, the wood of the alder is further processed into smoking fuel. The smoking fuel from nut plants, such as the walnut smoking flour, the hazelnut smoking flour and the wood flour from the almond tree are especially noble. In order to achieve a tasty, sweet taste of the food, the wood of fruit trees is often used for the production of smoking meal. However, the already mentioned varieties, apple and cherry, are by far the only woods from which the fruity smoking flour is extracted. Other fruit woods that help create a wonderful smoky taste are mandarin, plum and lime.

    However, the food gets the very special smoky taste through the use of special smoking fuel mixtures, such as the smoking fuel "Fruity Herb Explosion" or "Fisherman's Best" by Axtschlag.

    How is the smoking fuel used correctly?

    Smoking fuel can be used both for hot smoking and for cold smoking. Due to the fact that the flour is very fine, it is almost self-glowing. Therefore, a constant supply of heat from the outside is not absolutely necessary. But first to the hot smoking: In order to achieve a perfect result, a little bit of the wood fuel can be placed in addition to the firewood, in the fire box of the smoker. The floor should be completely covered. With a special smoking box, the Smoker Cup, any conventional grill can also be upgraded to a barbecue smoker in an instant. For the cold smoking, there is also a special device, the so-called Cold Smoker. In this device there is a spiral in the form of a snail, into which the smoking fuel is directed. With the smoking fuel, you can smoke the meats in gas or electronic grills. Important when using the smoking fuel is that it is really very dry. If the wood fuel is too moist, when the wood fuel burns, either not at all or the smoke is too strong. Another tip for the correct use of smoking fuel: The wood fuel should always be pressed lightly, with your fingers, in the respective containers, so it smolders evenly during smoking.

    In which devices can you smoke with the smoking fuel?

    Incense can not only be used in the smoker, also in other smokers the fine wood fuel can be used. Further, conventional smokers are, for example, the table smoker, the smokers, and the so-called smoked barrels. The smoking fuel can also be used in special cold smoking devices. As already mentioned, with a so-called Smoker Box even the domestic gas or electronic grill can be used for the smoking. The most common devices in which the smoking fuel is used are listed again in the following list:

    • Smoker
    • Table Smoker
    • Cold Smoker

    Why smoke?

    The use of smoke is one of the oldest methods of preservation in human history. Smoked products last longer! But preserving food is not the only benefit of smoking. Of course, thanks to the aromatic smoke, the ingredients are given wonderful flavors.

    What is the conclusion about smoking the meal?

    For a perfect barbecue smoke and therefore also wood is of utmost importance. The wood fuel is nothing else than the finest form of the smoked wood. The fact that the individual fragments are really very small, their surface is automatically enlarged, resulting in a uniform glow and thus to a high smoking activity of the smoking fuel. Depending on which smoky note is to be produced, of course, different types of wood must be used for smoking. For a fruity smoke flavor, of course, smoking fuels from fruit trees are used. For a traditional American barbecue, however, hickory wood is used as a rule. A smoking flour is not only suitable for the hot smoking of food, but also very good for cold smoking with low temperature. Smoke fuel can be used in many smokers, with a special Smoker Cup even in the conventional gas and electronic grill. Many foods from everyday life are refined in this great way, including without a doubt the smoked trout and the famous Black Forest ham.