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    Better to know how! Doesn’t matter if you are looking for information regarding chilli cultivation, propagation, origin or even recipes – grab your portion of hot knowledge.

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    Creative FeuerStreuer-Cuisine

    The ultimate recipe collection especially for FeuerStreuer-friends, filled with spiced up creations to use with our popular spice mix.

    RRP € 5,95 € 2,98 *

    West of Texas® Recipes & Tips

    A recipe collection especially for the West of Texas Smoky BBQ Sauce and Rub & Spice - for the smoker, grill & kitchen.

    € 3,95 *

    The Chili Pepper Poster

    Colorful poster with 16 major chilies, arranged according to its spiciness 1-10 determined by the spiciness scale. Can be used in kitchen and also it is in A4 size optimized for framing.

    € 3,95 *

    The Chili Pepper Poster- Set of 3

    Colorful poster with the 16 most important chilies arranged according to type and heat level degree from 1 – 10. It is in an A4 format for easy framing. Now in our trio combo set

    € 11,85 *

    Das Scharfschmecker Kochbuch (German)

    111 delicious recipes from the appetizer to the delicious desert with a lot of photos. The ideal addition to the Chili Pepper Book 2.0!

    € 17,95 *

    The Chili Pepper Book 2.0

    The comprehensive German chili hand book. 320 Pages, ca. 400 Photos, consistently in color, hardcover.

    € 24,95 *

    Carl Cayenne (Children book) (German)

    The first Chilli children book in a compact form! A book for the next chillihead generation. Great as a gift!

    RRP € 1,95 € 1,00 *


    Finally, a barbeque book especially for chilliheads! With ca. 100 up-beat recipes and pictures for grills, Dutch oven and cedar planks.

    € 19,95 *

    Chilis - eine scharfe Geschichte (German)

    A book with many interesting stories and recipes from all around the world regarding chilli. The selling price is donated 100% to the Casa del Sol e.V. association!

    € 5,00 *

    Confessions of the Killer Bee Guy

    Killer bee reports, facts and photos from Red Booth, the famous "Killer Bee Guy"

    € 19,95 *

    Planet Barbecue (Steven Raichlen)

    Once around the world on 528 pages. Global grilling!

    € 16,99 *

    Chipotle Pepper Pantry (Book)

    A die-cut book in pocket size by the „Pope of peppers“, Dave De Witt, with approximately thirty recipes and lots of information about Chipotle peppers, the Mexican smoke dried Jalapenos. Paperback, ca. 90 pages, English.

    € 6,95 *

    Yes we cook: The best U.S. recipes

    A culinary overview filled with recipes from all over the U.S.

    € 9,99 *

    Rösle Grill book 'Love, Grill & Chill'

    Valuable and nicely done grill book - something that deviates a little bit from the path of traditional grilling recipes?

    € 29,95 *

    Chilis Anbauen - Ein Ratgeber für Kultivierung von Chilis (German)

    A very useful guide around the domain of chilli cultivation - explained easily with the help of a lot of photos. Jason nickels, since 25 years UK Chillihead shares all his knowledge with you!

    € 14,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    BBQ Do It Yourself Kit: Two basic spicery & BBQ-Book

    1 Set (€ 28,95 / 1 Set)

    Homemade BBQ-sauces. Here in a Starter Package with two basic spices and recipe(s).

    RRP € 32,85 € 28,95 *

    Barbecue (Steven Raichlen) (German)

    Comprehensive work for beginners and pros with a lot of recipes from all around the world and researched information regarding to grilling. 504 pages, German, over 800 colored images!

    € 14,99 *

    The Barbecue Bible (Steven Raichlen) (German)

    Over 500 different Barbecue recipes from all over the world, many tips & tricks. 576 pages, German, full color.

    € 16,99 *

    Dutch Oven Fibel XXL (German)

    A useful book with over 100 delicious recipes and interesting know-how about the Dutch Oven. Here all the questions surrounding the cooking with the Dutch Oven are answered!

    € 17,95 *

    BBQ Smoker - Bookazine No. 1

    Great bookazine with top recipes for the smoker and excellent pictures. Pulled pork, Brisket, wild meat, poultry?everything is included!

    € 11,90 *

    Hot! Chili! Book!

    Amazing book about chilies with loads of pictures and recipes.

    € 12,90 *

    Healthy with Chili and Pepper

    An interesting book about the health aspect of chilies and (real) pepper, with spicy cooking recipes. 176 Pages, colored throughout, hardcover.

    € 14,95 *

    The Chilli Pepper Flavor Wheel

    How hot is it, what kind of heat will I be experiencing and what do I use it for and mix it with? Well, find out really quick with the 'Flavor Wheel'! It's a must for every chili chef and cultivator!

    € 19,95 *

    Habanero Pepper Pantry (book)

    A chili paperback about the fruity hot habanero by the pepper pope, Dave De Witt. It offers recipes and information from the basics to the unexpected. Paperback, 92 pages, English.

    € 6,95 *
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