ATTENTION, ATTENTION Chiliheads - 6th European Chilli Triathlon brings you 50 Product for 50 Hours amazing 50% OFF! Buy now!

The 6th Chili Triathlon 2020 is unfortunately already over, it ended on 03.08.2020. The 6th Chili Triathlon 2020 is unfortunately already over, it ended on 03.08.2020.4 FAIRPLAY TIPS, before you start hunting – just read it :-)

  • Your product is already sold out? Top hint: Take it sporty :-) You can find 50 ore offers here
  • Please have understanding that Newsletter promo codes can not be used on Chili Triathlon items during the promotion.
  • Our Chilli Triathlon has so many spectators and participants (buyers), that with the maximum effort from our small shipping team we cannot prevent that the one or other package may take a little longer to arrive.
  • Similar it is for our digital seller, the online shop! If it is overloaded, please come back in 1-2 hours! Thank you!

The biggest savings that have ever existed in the Chilli and BBQ campaigns in Germany ended on 03.08.2020.

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Already in the last years the Chilli Triathlon has taken care of the Chill heads and the ones that like the heat from the whole of Europe. In the course of 50 hours, many thousand fans of the hot taste have collected products from all over the world. And all this with 50% discount. This year we have extended our offer even more and we have included also a wide variety of BBQ sauces – all handmade with love – in total more than 50 products!

Like for all the sports activities there are of course rules, which are intended so that the participants remain fair. Here you can find our Chilli Triathlon fair play rules:

Fair play rules for a successful Chilli Triathlon 2020

1. Only as long as the supply lasts!

Please don’t be upset if something is sold out. If you are fast enough you have a very good chance to assure your favorite product at a top price.

2. Don’t buy everything :-)

Please limit the quantity that you buy and that comes in your shopping basket from each product to 3 pieces. From a lot of products in manufactory quality we have only a few dozens of bottles in stock.

3. We are hurrying up – your delivery will come!

Please have for this order in particular a little bit of patience regarding the delivery times. Our small shipping team will process the order as fast as possible and will give gas!

4. No coupon codes please!

Please do not try to use additional coupon codes. This would not be fair for such an offer. I hope that you understand this and we have deactivated this function for the period of the promotion.

5. Please look careful – you are not buying any high-tech food!

Some of the products have just another 4-6 weeks until they have reached the best before date. Please take into consideration the product description. A lot of products from handmade manufactories have significantly shorter expiration dates then industrial sauces and spices. The preservatives are absent and in the conservation process the heat is not that intensive. This you can taste and is made this way in order to come to your aid!?

6. problems? Let us know!

Do you have questions regarding your order or do you have technical problems? Please write an E-mail to or please call us at +49 (0)4203/78599-22 on each working day from 9:00-18:00h