Anyone who already breeds knows it. Whoever starts, should inform himself well. Because the right soil is very important for a successful chilli cultivation, because depending on the breeding stage, the demands of chilies vary.

Buy potting soil and substrates

When choosing the right soil for your chilli plant, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should consider whether you want to grow your own plants or if you want to buy chilli plants that are already about 20 cm tall.

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The right soil for cultivation

If you want to germinate your chilli plants yourself, it is important that the soil does not contain too much fertilizer. With too much fertilizer in the soil, the sensitive seedlings of the chilli plants would die quickly. It is important that the soil is as loose and as humus rich as possible. So, nothing stands in the way of the growth of your seedlings from the point of view of nutrients. Now you still have to decide whether you want to use loose soil to grow your chilli seed or if you use Jiffy spring pots, which are also used by professional gardeners for Chilli breeding.

The advantage of Jiffy's pots is that they contain the perfect blend of nutrients a chilli plant needs: sphagnum peat as the basis for healthy growth, dolomitic lime for pH control, and a balanced nutrient mix that accelerates germination and rooting. As the name implies, the Jiffy spring pots are not loose earth, but are surrounded by a fine net. That's why they look like little pots. The great thing about their shape is that the roots of the chilli plant can easily grow through the net and the fine mesh will simply dissolve in the soil after later repotting.

If you plant only one seed per pot, you also save the piking, which is also important. If only one plant grows in a spring pot, you can simply put it together with a fine net and plant it in a larger pot. This also protects your chilli plant and ensures that it is not damaged :) If you prefer to use normal cultivation soil from the garden center, you should make sure that you get the highest quality possible soil available. This is important because it is the only way to guarantee that there are no pests and pollutants in the soil.

Sterilize the soil

If you use normal cultivation soil, it is recommended that the soil is cleared of pests, bacteria and germs. If you do not do this step, you run into the risk that your plants will not grow properly, because pests and diseases will prevent them to do so. The fact that chilli plants germinate best in a humid environment, can easily expose them to forming mold. Sterilizing the earth also kills mold spores from the outset. To sterilize your seedling soil, simply place it in a refractory tray and place it in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 ° C. Another option is to simply heat your soil for 5 minutes in the microwave at full speed. Both methods kill all bacteria, pests and weeds. To be noted however, that when sterilizing soil, really everything, including nutrients, is killed. Therefore, as soon as they are large enough, the seedlings should be transplanted into more nutritious soil.


If your chilli seedlings are big enough (or you buy a plant directly, instead of pulling the seedlings yourself) it is best to fertilize the soil sufficiently. You should be careful to use just the right amount of nutrients and to use a clever combination of different fertilizers. Here you can find our own chilli fertilizer that has been compiled by our chilli experts, who have over 15 years of experience in chilli growing.


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