With the extremely high-quality grow lamps from SANlight you extend your season and set your harvest success on even safer grounds! Absolute recommendation for real chili and vegetable fans :-)

LED Grow Lamp-provides warmth and light!

The perfect harvest is only possible by creating the right conditions for your plants. The right ratio of light and heat can be provided by a so-called Grow lamp. Learn not only why that is so, but also many other important facts about this kind of lighting!

Why is the use of grow lamps important?

As already mentioned, Grow Lamps provide the warmth and light your plants need to thrive. The light imitates the sun and has an improved light spectrum, which contributes to the development of a beautiful flower and thus a wonderful fruit. Grow lamps can be used in the vegetative phase as well as in the regenerative phase. Another advantage of an LED Grow lamp is the uniformity of the light, which is distributed optimally in the room. With a single lamp, you can already cover an area of several square meters. Since the trend-setting LED technology has also been increasingly used for grow lamps, the conventional sodium vapor lamps, NDL for short, are being pushed further and further away. But why is that? In contrast to the conventional grow lamps, the plants do not develop unnatural growth. The plants form a resistant trunk with sufficient branches. In addition, the LED light ensures that the plants are much less susceptible to diseases and germs. Even the danger of the plants becoming hermaphroditic is significantly reduced by the use of LEDs. The reasons why LED Grow lamps are important for a perfect plant breeding, we summarized once again for you:

  • The LED Grow lamps provide enough light and warmth.
  • The light of the LEDs is distributed very evenly.
  • The growth of the plants is much more natural with LED Grow lamps.
  • The plants become more resistant to germs and diseases.
  • Twister plants are rarer than with other plant illumination solutions.

How do you use the LED Grow lamps correctly?

The modern plant lighting is of course designed for the growing in greenhouses. So that your plants in the greenhouse really get the perfect ratio of light and heat, a distance to the LED Grow lamps between 15 and 50 centimeters is necessary. You can even grow on several levels with these grow lamps. Since the individual modules weigh about two and a half kilograms, it is of course extremely important to attach the lamps to the designated suspensions. To put the lights into operation, all you have to do is plug the power adapter into a power outlet. The lamps themselves are connected to the power source via a power cable. When planning, you should therefore pay attention to how you can relocate the lines. What you should be aware of is the following:

  • There must be a space between the lamps and the plants.
  • The LED Grow lamps must be properly fastened.
  • There must be a power source nearby.
  • When mounting the power cable needs to be observed!

The lamps allow year-round gardening!

Of course, under natural conditions, a successful harvest is subject to certain criteria. Of course, this also includes the fact that the plants have to be supplied with sunlight. Unfortunately, a successful cultivation of chilli or vegetables in the field only works in the warm summer months. With an LED Grow lamp for the greenhouse, the problem is solved, now you can cultivate even in winter delicious chilies.

What else is important?

You probably think about the next electric bill, but we can calm you down. A LED lamp usually has a power consumption of 140 watts, which makes half a day use no two KW / h per day. In other words, a lamp costs only a few cents a day. The comparatively -slightly higher price in the purchase pays for itself after only a few months. With a lifetime of up to 80,000 hours, the lamps are also very durable. Of course, the fact that the lamps "survive" for so long is also due to the fact that the LEDs are often equipped with cooling. Meanwhile, there are different LED Grow lamps for the different periods of rearing, such as those for the cultivation and others exclusively for the flowering phase. The difference is, among other things, in the variety of light colors. To make it clearer, we summarized the above points for you:

  • LED Grow lamps have a low power consumption.
  • The purchase price pays for itself after a few months.
  • LED Grow lamps have a very long life.
  • There are different grow lamps for each breeding phase.

The perfect gift for every hobby gardener!

If you do not have the necessary space to compete in a Greenhouse to cultivate your own plants, of course, you can give the LED Grow lamps to someone who has it. As such a lamp is, as a rule, a long-term acquisition, the gifted person is guaranteed to enjoy your gift for a long time. The costs that are saved are probably also a very convincing argument. Of course you can not only buy and give away the lamps yourself at Pepperworld Hot Shop, but also the necessary accessories, such as the suspensions and power supplies.

The bright conclusion is:

The right lighting conditions when gardening are offered by the so-called grow lamps, whose brightness and heat imitate the sun. So that the plants get the optimal ratio of these two elements, you should hang the lamps at a certain distance. You could be worried about the electricity bill, but you shoulnd't. Another advantage of the Grow lamps is their extremely long life. A lamp can, with proper care, be operated up to 80,000 hours, without breaking. Although such Grow lamps with LEDs are a bit more expensive to purchase, they will recover their cost after a few months in the savings brought to your electrivity bills. The grow lamps for the greenhouse also have another decisive advantage, namely the independence of the seasons. So you can grow all year round and the plants are even more resistant and healthier, as with other lamps. If you do not have enough space to grow lamps using LED Grow lamps, you can of course also order the lamps and matching accessories for other passionate hobby gardeners.


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