Cultivation accessories - so you can have a successful harvest, you need the right cultivation accessories. Your chilies need care. Getting hot? Give your chilies all that they need so that they can become big and hot.

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Cultivation aid – for a perfect growth!

In order to assure the best possible yield from your chilies, you can use some natural aids. Find out where you can use the cultivation aids and wat utilities are in our offer.


Growing Chilies is very complex!

If you have planted other vegetables or perhaps even chilies, you know how time intensive and extended this task can be. Only if the plant receives enough attention throughout the season, can you expect delicious fruit at the end of the season. The entire process stats with a long preparation phase so that you can bring the seeds to germinate. You can learn how to fast forward this process here. As soon as the seeds have started germinating you can plant these in cultivation shells or in special cultivation soil. Only after this comes the decisive question: where should the chilies be planted? This is not only dependent on the variety, but also from the conditions that you can offer the plant. If you decide that you want to grow the chilies in your own garden, it can be a good idea to place the chilli plant next to other plats. When choosing the spot it is important that you chose the right neighbors. Plants are sensitive, and just as people, thy do not like the company from all the other plants. Great neighbors for the chilli plant are for example tomatoes and eggplants. Also with some herbs like for example basil, parsley and Oregano the chilli plant can get along good. If you want to plant the chilli next to gourds, like for example a cucumber or a zucchini this should not be done to close because both of the plants are heavy feeders. This means that the nutrients in the soul are not enough for both the plants. There are also plants that are not suited to be planted near the chilli plants. One such an example is fennel. What you should consider when cultivating chilies are listed again below:

  • The plants need intensive care during the entire season.
  • The right place is very important for an optimal growth.
  • Chilies can be cultivated in the proximity of other plants (tomatoes, eggplants, oregano, basil, parsley).
  • Gourds should be planted at some distance from the chilli.
  • It is not suited to grow the chilli plant next to a fennel.

How can the cultivation accessories help you?

Our practical cultivation accessories are here to ease the growth of your chilies. This starts with the planting of the seeds and includes also the perfect ratio of light and warmth during the ripening phase. The scope of these aids is to simplify the work with the plants to make them clearer and to assure that the chilli plant have all that they need in order to grow.

What other cultivation aids do we have?

As already mentioned before we want to simplify the entire growth process. This is the reason why you can find in our offer also utilities that are meant to make the sowing process easier. These include the labels and markers or the dibber that is needed to transplant the young plant. This is not all that we have to offer! In order to assure the right temperature for your plants we do not only have warming lights that imitate the entire spectrum of the sun, we have also the appropriate supports for these. In order to control the temperature, it is advisable to use a Thermostat. This is of course more important if you plan to use a greenhouse for growing your chilies. We have also heating pads for such greenhouses on offer. With time, your chilies will also have the necessary height that is needed to stabilize them. For this we have special binding wire. With this wire you can fix the plant to the sticks that aid in holding the upright position. We have the following cultivation aids in stock:

  • Labels and pens for labeling
  • Dibbler for moving the seedlings
  • Heat lamps (Grow lamps)
  • Thermostat for controlling the temperature
  • Heating mats for the greenhouse
  • Binding wire for fixing the plants


Of course also suited as a present:

With our practical cultivation aid we want to support you while gardening. If you are not a person that has green fingers you can of course make a present to someone dear and give them our cultivation accessories. We are sure that someone dear to you likes gardening or that has at least plants that grow in the house. For these people a cultivation aid that we have on offer is really a great thing to have. Perhaps they think of having professional equipment in order to aid them and grow their crops better but does not want to buy the accessories themselves. If on top of this you make that dear person also a gift, meaning chilli seeds, you will surely get to love at the end of the year the fresh chilies, although you did not plant these yourself. The products that we offer for the cultivation can be used also for other plants and not just for the chilies. Our cultivation accessories are only a part of the entire success of your crops. As mentioned before there are a lot of other factors that can influence a successful crop.


What is the conclusion?

When growing your own plants there are a lot of factors that are important and that have to be taken into consideration if you want to have a successful harvest. In order to have the best possible premises for a successful harvest we offer you cultivation accessories that we have in our offer. These accessories are meant to make all the phases of growing the plants more easy and enjoyable. The most important accessories are tags, dibblers and lamps including the mounts. If you already have experience with growing chilies, then you probably already know how important our cultivation accessories are. If you do not have experience or knowledge that is no problem. With our equipment, also newbies can have a successful harvest of chilies. One of the most important points when growing chilies is that they need intensive care and this must be done all year round. The accessories that you can get with us will not only be useful for you, but these can be useful also for your friends that love gardening.