You want to start breeding chilli, but you do not have an exact plan yet? Then our chilli cultivation sets are just right for you! Start simple - be successful!

Growing your own Chilli plats has never been simpler: The Spicy Garden cultivation kits!

You have no soil nor a flower pot at home, no garden nor balcony and your gardener skills are not ideal? No problem, we have the perfect solution!

Our Spicy Garden Cultivation Kits come to your home with chilli seeds, the right amount of soil and fertilizer in a compostable pot! The planting is done within 5 minutes and your apartment will not get dirty. If the plant is big enough, it will bear fruit and you will always have fresh chilies, peppers or tomatoes at home. Now doesn't that sound like a dream?

Spicy Garden is perfect as a gift - not only to chilli head friends, but also to people who enjoy eating tomatoes and peppers!

You want to sow more chilli, tomatoes and vegetables? No problem! Get our chilli growing station: mini greenhouse, heating mat, earth, piping stick, peg labels and binding wire included. So, you're well taken care of for growing your own chilies. You can find the matching seeds here.

Chilli cultivation kit - the complete solution!

A set for growing chilli that is very handy! Find out everything worth knowing about such sets in the following article. What exactly is included and how it needs to be handled? These are just two of the questions that are answered in detail.

What do the sets contain?

"You reap what you sow," is a very old saying, but with a true core. Only with the right sowing can a successful harvest be achieved. Of course, the seed is only one of many factors necessary for the successful cultivation of hot chilies. A special chilli cultivation set is therefore equipped with everything that is important for the perfect cultivation of fiery pods. In addition to the earth, of course, this includes the right fertilizer. Even a compostable flower pot will be included with these sets. And, so that nothing can go wrong, the complete sets include of course also a guide. We have summarized again for you the 5 parts which such a complete set for growing chilli contains:

  • soil in pressed form
  • seeds of each plant
  • a special fertilizer
  • a compostable flower pot
  • detailed instructions for use

What other different sets are there?

There are compilations with different varieties of seeds. In addition to really hot chilies for home-growth, such as Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero or Jalapeño, as a complete cultivation set, there is also the cherry chilli, a rather mild variety. However, there are not only chilies for breeding in such practical sets, but also herbs, such as basil and coriander that are offered. If you prefer to grow vegetables, such as your own peppers or tomatoes, you will also find the matching extension kit with us. We do not just offer you the sets individually, but also in savings packages. In these compilations, we've combined some of the grow kits so you can cultivate a wide variety of plants.

How does the cultivation work with the sets?

Since these sets really contain everything that is needed for breeding, the cultivation is really easy. Of course, the chilli cultivation kits also contain a detailed user manual, but we would also like to explain the individual steps you need to take for your own chilli at this point. First, of course, you must remove all items from the container. The supplied earth is contained in the form of 5 pressed tabs, you must free them from their packaging first. Then you can already put them in the pot. The next step is to pour water over the pressed soil so that it will be nice and loose again. After a short exposure time, the soil can be wonderfully distributed with a fork in the flower pot. To get a flat surface, you should now lightly press the earth. In the smooth surface, you can now, with the help of a thin stem, make small holes in the ground and plant the seeds. Now the holes only need to be covered with earth again and pressed with light pressure. Of course, you have to keep the earth moist, but it must not be too wet. The fertilizer contained in the kits is only used after a few weeks, when the plants have already reached a size of about 10 centimeters. The individual steps of how to use the extension sets are summarized in clear points for you again here:

  • remove all components of the set
  • remove the packaging of the earth
  • put the soil in the pot
  • water
  • distribute the soil in the pot
  • press the surface
  • make small holes
  • place seeds in the holes
  • cover holes and press again
  • regularly water
  • use fertilizer only from a plant height of 10 centimeters

The breeding station for the living room:

In addition to the cultivation kits you will find with us also small mini-greenhouses, which allow you to breed within your own four walls. However, the so-called breeding stations do not consist of the hothouses themselves, but also of everything that is important for a successful breeding. But what exactly is that? For example, special heating mats are needed so that the required temperature inside the greenhouses is kept stable. Furthermore, these complete stations are equipped with dibbers for moving the small plants, and they also include labels. So that the seed can rise optimally, you will also be supplied with 36 source peat tablets. Finally, but no less important, you get, with this growing station also a role with binding wire, which is required for the fixation of the individual plants. We would like to show you once more what such a breeding station is all about:

  • Mini Greenhouse
  • Heating Mat
  • Dibber
  • Labels
  • Source peat
  • tying wire

Always a good present!

No doubt you can easily become a successful gardener with a chilli cultivation kit, but of course you can also give your loved ones a surprise. The complete sets allow the breeding of fresh ingredients from almost everywhere, even in a city apartment. It is also not important if the gifted person has any previous knowledge or the famous green thumb. A chilli cultivation set is perfect as a gift for everyone. As an occasion, for example, a summer barbecue or a birthday party serve. In return, the recipient can invite you to a meal as soon as the plants from the cultivation kits bear ripe fruit.

The conclusion is:

With these complete solutions, it is really not difficult to breed your own chilies, even the flower pot will be included in the breeding station. But there are not only the hot pods that you can harvest yourself, there are also other cultivation sets, such as tomato, pepper and basil. Thus, there really is something for every taste and there is really nothing like home-grown herbs and vegetables. If you feel the same way, give it a try! If you do not want to limit yourself to just one variety, we can understand that, maybe one of our austerity packages is the right choice for you. However, we do not only supply cultivation sets, but also complete breeding stations, including hothouses, with which the best conditions for cultivation are created. Of course, you can also offer as gifts both products to your friends or family. With these complete solutions, everyone will become a successful gardener in no time!