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Tilda: Basmati rice with high quality

Not all rice is the same! If you are looking for a really very good basmati rice, the brand "Tilda" is always a good choice. Find out in the following article why this is so.

The history of the Tilda company:

It all began very small, in the seventies of the last century. In the beginning, Tilda exclusively supplied Asian emigrants in Great Britain. The headquarters of the company is, even today, in England, more precisely in Rainham, very close to London. In the meantime, however, the company has already expanded, with offices in Dubai and also in Thailand. Tilda is today, with almost 40 years of experience, one of the market leaders for aromatic basmati rice.

Very high quality standards are always set!

Since the beginning of its existence, the company has set itself very high quality standards. How does that manifest itself exactly? A good example is the purity with which the company advertises. In order to be able to offer the very finest Basmati quality, each batch is even specially checked with a DNA test. The condition of the rice grains themselves, is also checked, if a grain of rice is already "broken", the escaping starch of the grain can cause the whole rice to stick together in the later package. To prevent this, such damaged grains are sorted out, of course in advance. From the rice grains, of inferior quality, animal feed is then finally produced. But another quality feature is of course the sensory system, which means how the rice is perceived by you with the individual senses. Your sense of taste and your sense of smell belong to the so-called sensory system, but also your sense of touch is logically part of it. Tilda's rice varieties convince with excellent sensor technology. The company has made these high standards in terms of product quality its proverbial flag and also advertises with it. On the website of Tilda you can find the statement: " only extraordinary is good enough". The Tilda high quality promise makes is undisputed, which are we have summarized for you once again clearly:

  • 100 % Basmati (tested by DNA test!)
  • a wonderful sensor technology

The company stands for sustainability!

Not only the handling of the sorted out goods is a clear indication of the great environmental awareness of the Tilda brand. The company also focuses on sustainability in the growing regions, at the green foothills of the Himalayas. In plain language this means that the farmers are supported economically and the environmental impact is kept as low as possible. The company makes it clear that it is fully aware of its responsibility for the planet. This is due, not least, to the fact that Basmati rice is a very slow-growing grain with a relatively low yield. The Tilda company does not only support the farmers in the production areas financially, but has also set up an advice centre called "FACE". All rice farmers in the region can get advice there, regardless of whether they sell their rice to Tilda or not. In addition, Tilda supports over 50 agricultural enterprises through the so-called "direct sowing project". Tilda Ltd. also actively opposes modern slavery and publishes the guidelines for this on its website. The company also wants to fight against waste by finding another use for really every "waste product". The hay, which is produced during harvesting, is also used as animal feed, for example. The husk of the raw rice can be used in a variety of other ways, such as as a substrate under a grassy area or as a fuel in a biogas plant. In case of combustion, the ashes of the shells are still used for the production of bricks. During the processing, rice bran is also always produced. This bran is then further used as vitamin-rich concentrated feed for horses. As you can see, the Tilda company takes great care that every by-product of the production process has a further use;

Still the same focus:

Although the company's product range has expanded somewhat since its foundation, the main focus is still on bringing the good ingredients of rice to everyone, every day. In addition to the classic Basmati rice, the company now also offers other rice specialities such as long grain rice, jasmine rice and wild rice. In our fast-moving times, a steamed rice for the microwave should not be missing in Tilda's assortment. For the healthy nutrition of children, and also parents, the Tilda company has thought of a very special division, Tilda Kids. In these products, besides rice, there are also vegetables. In this way, by the way, very important needs of child nutrition are met. Another passion of the company is using the rice in great dishes, so they always create and publish very tasty recipes. In all of Tilda's products you will find decades of experience, which the company is naturally happy to pass on to its customers.

Further advantages of Tilda:

The rice specialities from Tilda are all gluten-free. Of course the products are also vegan. The positive company philosophy is evident in all areas of the brand, so on the Tilda website you will not only find products for sale, but also valuable tips for a healthier life. You will also find some interesting "kitchen secrets" on the company's website.

A brief conclusion:

It all began with the delivery of Basmati rice to Asian emigrants in Great Britain. Since its foundation, more than forty years ago, the "Tilda" brand has maintained its high quality standards. The sustainability of nature is also very important to this company. For example, the by-products of rice processing are all used for other purposes. The rice farmers in the regions are advised, whether they work with the company or not. Furthermore, Tilda has started its own project in the growing countries, with the help of which many farms are supported. The company is committed to the fight against slavery. However, Tilda's offer is no longer limited to basmati rice, other rice varieties are also distributed by the company. All rice specialities of the Tilda brand are gluten-free and vegan. A visit to the company's website is always worthwhile, there is a lot of interesting information and tips waiting for you.


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