Bacon plays the role of a taste booster in a lot of BBQ recipes! We have boosted the quality with the help of Kaliber! Take a look at the bacon classics and other bacon specialties!

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Bacon - the tasty breakfast bacon!

If you want to have a strong start of the day, then bacon is always a good choice! Learn all about this tasty product in the upcoming article. How is it made and how can it still be used in the kitchen? These and other questions will be answered in detail.

Why is Bacon so popular?

Of course, this is related to the unique taste of this food, but that's not all. As is known, we always eat with the eyes, usually even to 51 percent. That's only logical, because we see the food first, before we can finally taste it. But since this proportion accounts for more than half, it is of course even more important that a food appeals to us visually. This is the case with bacon, since the meat, most of the time, has a beautiful marbling. This pattern comes in every single slice to its best advantage.

How is bacon made?

For the production of bacon, a piece of pork belly with a thick rind is needed. In the first step you have to make sure that there are no more cartilages on the pork belly. The meat is now processed in a long-lasting procedure to the famous Bacon. First of all, the belly meat has to stay for several days in a dry marinade, which consists mainly of salt. In order to maintain the natural, red color of the meat, the marinade is often mixed with a portion of pickling salt (nitrite). After the pickling process, the pork belly has lost significantly in weight and size due to the hygroscopic effect of the salt. In the next step, the meat must now be smoked with cold smoke. Although some prescriptions require the use of a brine, and a subsequent hot smoking, strictly speaking, the end result is then no longer Bacon, but Kassler, this meat part is rarely used for the production of Kassler. We have summarized the most important steps in the production of bacon for you:

  • The meat must be completely free of cartilage.
  • The pork belly must be laid for several days in a dry marinade.
  • The cured meat is smoked using cold smoke.

What fits Bacon?

The name for bacon, as breakfast bacon, is no coincidence. The meat product tastes particularly good in the morning, for example, with freshly fried or scrambled eggs. To get a hearty, hot breakfast, you can just roast the bacon in the pan, it will be nice and crispy. But there are other uses that can be found with this food in the kitchen. How about, for example, a coating of other foods, the so-called Bardieren? But also, other meat products, such as meatballs, can be refined in this way. Even vegetables can be coated with the bacon and prepared this way. The most famous example of this methodology is, undoubtedly, "beans in bacon". Of course, you can enjoy the cured and smoked bacon also wonderfully pure or as a sandwich. To experience the perfect enjoyment, you should cut the bacon into wafer-thin slices. We have once again clearly arranged the uses for bacon:

  • to fried egg
  • to scrambled eggs
  • alone
  • "on bread"
  • as a coat for other foods, for example "beans wrapped in bacon"

What difference is there with ham?

Unfortunately, bacon is often confused with ham, but there is a significant difference that we would like to explain to you in more detail. The smoked ham originates from another part of the pig's body, namely the hind leg, the so-called piece of ham. The bacon, on the other hand, is always produced from the pork belly, as already mentioned. Another difference has already been mentioned, the smoking method. While the bacon is being cold-smoked, the hams are naturally hot-smoked.

Bacon is better than his reputation!

Of course, bacon is a very high-fat food, which it has not given it the best reputation, health wise. Often, greasy foods are credited with a rather negative image in nutritional physiology, but that's not always true. Not only does it serve as a flavor carrier, it also does important things in your body, such as serving you as a source of energy. The fat also has a very important effect: you feel saturated for longer time. In addition to fat, however, bacon still contains a whole range of ingredients that have a positive effect on our organism. These include, for example, HDL cholesterol, which is associated with a healthy cardiovascular system. Another substance that is contained in the bacon in large quantities is protein, i.e. protein, these of course comes from the meat. For example, this protein is also responsible for the supply of energy. But it goes even further, Bacon contains large amounts of the antioxidant selenium, which not only promotes the fight against free radicals in the body, but also strengthens the thyroid gland. Other important constituents of your organism in the bacon are the substances, phosphorus and niacin. Phosphorus is an element that serves as the foundation for every DNA strand. Niacin is a B-vitamin, which is partly responsible for the healing of skin and muscles. The following overview should show again which important ingredients are in the bacon:

  • Fat
  • HDL-Cholesterol
  • Protein
  • Selenium
  • Phosphor
  • Niacin

What is the conclusion?

The bacon is fundamentally different from smoked bacon, although the manufacturing process is similar. This is due to the fact that both foods are made from different cuts of meat. Unfortunately, these two foods are often confused in everyday life. Baconis also known as breakfast bacon. This name is not entirely true, as the bacon of course can not only be eaten for breakfast but is very widely used in the kitchen. The coating of other foods, the so-called bradding, is just one example of the use of bacon. This food is significantly healthier than its reputation! Of course, the bacon contains a lot of fat, but firstly, this is not harmful and, secondly, the bacon surprises, at second glance, with a number of important ingredients that are responsible for the various functions in our body. Bacon is, however, primarily popular because of the great taste and the appearance. The optics of the bacon are important, of course, the marbling of the meat is particularly appealing.


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