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    Plant bag 35l, round

    0 piece (€ 7,95 / piece)

    € 7,95 *

    Garden Boost Universal Long term fertilizer

    Environmental friendly Vegetable long-term fertilizer in a practical portion pack. Package suffices for 18 plants

    € 6,95 *

    Plant-pots XL 13l, round, 4 pcs.

    0 piece (€ 9,95 / piece)

    The proven and beloved plant pots now also in XL 4 pcs, set!

    € 9,95 *

    Garden Boost Coconut Earth 50l

    This fine chili and vegetables earth is light, compact and peat free at the same time as it's made from a renewable commodity, namely coconut. With only a few Kg, one of the lightest 50 L earth packages

    RRP € 24,75 € 18,95 *

    Garden Boost Coconut Earth 210l

    The 210l coconut earth for the huge garden projects! This fine chili and vegetables earth is light, compact and peat free at the same time as it's made from a renewable commodity, namely coconut

    RRP € 38,85 € 34,95 *

    Mini-greenhouse Romberg "Alexander" / big - 58x19x19cm

    Solid Mini cultivation station "Alexander" / big - 58x19x19cm - for 33 seedlings. Made in Germany.

    € 14,95 *

    Garden Boost Sheep Wool - Sheep Wool Pellets

    The optimal, regular soil care with an absolutely natural fertilizer. For strong and beautiful plants! Due to the fact that it slowly releases nutrients it is ideal for chili, tomato and goji plants

    € 11,95 *

    IDenti Pen Pro Gardner pen

    The IDenti Pen Pro Gardner pen with 2 tips for the perfect labeling. 2 different tips, water resistant, swipe resistant.

    € 5,95 *

    Plant pots, square 9x9x9,5 cm, 20 pcs.

    The small, square plastic pots are perfectly suited for cultivating from seeds.

    € 4,95 *

    Pack of 3 binding wires 30 m

    0 Rolle (€ 4,98 / Rolle)

    Soft mantled binding wire, that protects your chilli plants in an optimal way. Three 40m binging wires at a great price

    RRP € 20,85 € 14,95 *

    Greenhouse heating matt 35x25cm, 17,5 Watt

    Greenhouse heating matt 35x25cm, 17,5 Watt - fitting for our "Marco" greenhouse

    € 36,95 *

    Chilli growing station A

    Everything a chili hobby gardener for a successful chili crop. Heated indoor greenhouse, germination pots, dibbers, plant labels for identification and binding wire.

    RRP € 68,25 € 51,15 *

    Complete cultivation set for chilli and tomatoes

    With this cultivation set you will get 10 chilli or tomato plants without effort trough the season! Cultivation station, earth, fertilizer and many more… Everything in professional quality for your experience! Standard price is 127,75 EUR! Now only 99 EUR

    RRP € 127,75 € 99,00 *

    Greenhouse heating matt 60x15cm, 20 Watt

    Greenhouse heating matt 60x15cm, 20 Watt - fitting for our "Alexander" greenhouse

    € 38,95 *

    Chilli growing station B (including XL Greenhouse)

    Everything what the hobby gardener needs for a successful chilli growth: warmed up room greenhouse, pots, dibbler, labels for tagging. XL - package

    RRP € 74,25 € 55,65 *

    Plant bag 35l, round, 3 pack saver set

    0 piece (€ 17,45 / piece)

    +++NEW++++ The big plant bags, now in the 3 pcs. Saving set

    RRP € 23,85 € 17,45 *

    Chilis Anbauen - Ein Ratgeber für Kultivierung von Chilis (German)

    A very useful guide around the domain of chilli cultivation - explained easily with the help of a lot of photos. Jason nickels, since 25 years UK Chillihead shares all his knowledge with you!

    € 14,95 *

    Spicy Garden cultivation set with dibber, Cherry-Chilli, Jalapeno, Habanero and Trinidad Scorpion

    From mild to wild - with this saving set you have all the Scoville regions under control. The complete cultivation set also includes a guide, fertilizer, seeds, and pop up earth. Simply grow them yourself!

    RRP € 49,75 € 34,95 *

    Hanging rail for SANlight M30 98cm

    Pack of 2 hanging rails for fixing M30 LED modules. Length: 98cm

    € 12,80 *

    Plant Container, round 7,5 Liter, 5 pcs.

    The big plant pots are perfect for root growth for chilies and other vegetable plants on the terrace and the balcony.

    € 6,95 *

    Hanging rail for SANlight M30 43cm

    Pack of 2 hanging rails for fixing M30 LED modules. Length: 43cm

    € 9,80 *

    SANlight 1m Extension Cable for the FLEX Series

    With the Flex series more modules can be operated with the use of a single socket. With this extension you can make the distance between the lamps bigger.

    € 3,90 *

    Garden Boost Fertilizer Power-Pack - Organic

    The ideal combination of organic fertilizers. Perfect for 3 plants

    RRP € 16,75 € 13,95 *

    Garden Boost Boden Power- Soil Conditioner

    This soil conditioner brings more nutrients to your plants! Package suffices for 3 plants

    € 3,95 *
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    Take care of your Chilli plants and they will take care of you with a lot of different chilli varieties!

    Do you plan to buy a chilli plant? Did you already sow your favorite chili? In this case it is time that you also look for cultivation accessories!

    The sensitive chilli germ bud must be transplanted into the appropriate pots. When the plants are big enough, it is ideal that these are placed in a 10L pot that is black. Why black? Because the dark color attracts the sunrays and also the warmth. The earth of the chilies is heated up and the plants can develop and build pods!

    As soon as your chilli plant starts flowering and growing fruit, you should raise the nutrients that you give your plant so that you have good results when harvesting. Together with our pro chili growers we have developed specially for you a chilli fertilizer that is perfectly suited for the needs of the needs of chilli plants.  The more the pods of your chilli plant grow, the more nutrients the plant needs. We have also for this the perfect solution: out chilli binding wire that has a soft outer layer. This way the branching of your chilli is protected against cuts.

    It is best that you take a look in this section so that you can see what cultivation accessories you need in order to grow happy and healthy chilli plants.