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    Charapita Red Chilli seeds

    Item number: SA211

    Small red chilies from Peru, that have it in them. Nice for the eyes but also great in the kitchen.


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      Charapita – the “most expensive spice in the world” – now as a special edition in red

      Exclusively with Pepperworld and extremely limited!

      Charapitas are sold dried for up to 20.000 EUR/Kg. This does not only provide attention in the media, but it makes is as well the most expensive spice in the world. We have received directly from Peru a special quality seed batch and have selected the rare red Charapita.


      Red Charapita seeds, a super aromatic and extreme productive queen of the chilies

      This half wild Capsicum chinense with a lot of small red berries originates from Peru. There it is known as Charapita Rojo, Aji Charapita Rojo and sometimes even Bird Charapita Red – the small chilies can be found pickled in vinegar and on the market you also can find them fresh.

      In the tropical northern part of Peru, at the border to Brazil, is the main cultivation area of this variety. In Brazil there is the Cumari, which is very similar to the Charapita.

      The plants can grow to a height of 80 cm and they like to branch out to the sides, so that they can have a diameter of 90 or even up to 110 cm. During the flowering phase they have small white blossom with a blue filament. This plant has a high yield.

      The small round red fruit that grow to about 1 up to 1,5 cm in diameter remain also after the ripening period very fresh and crisp.


      Here you can find more: Chilli seeds and cultivation accessories.




    Varietal suitability Gewächshaus
    Plants size 80-100
    Number of grain 10
    Type Capsicum chinense
    Dfficulty Fortgeschrittener
    Varieties Wildsorte
    Heat level 1-10 9
    Country of origin Peru

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    Charapita Red Chilli seeds

    Item number: SA211

    Charapita Red Chilli seeds € 2,50 incl. tax, plus shipping