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NuMex Suave Red Chilli plant

Item number: PJ416

Capsicum chinende - a Habanero breed, that has a very low heat


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More than 1000 products
More than 125.000 satisfied customers
Lieferung ab Mitte Juni 2017
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  • Description

    NuMex Suave Red - light heat, red habanero version. Buy your plants - NOW!

    This Chilli Pepper has been developed in the Chili Pepper Institute of the New Mexico State University.

    This Chilli is characterized by a hard to equal fruity flavor mixed together with it a light heat. The ‘NuMex Suave Red’ measures 500 Scoville Units. On the Burn-o-meter scale this is equal to a heat level of 1-2 (as a comparison, the "normal" Habaneros are on the top of the scale and have a heat level of 10). Only in the spring of 2002, small amounts of the fruity, mild Habanero have been made available. We have cultivated this type and are amazed. The plants grow good and the pods are beautiful. When you cut them, you can smell the full Habanero aroma - if you would only consider the smell you would think that this is a very hot Chilli. If you bite into this Chilli, you can only feel the taste and very little heat. This way you can add for example to fruity Salsas or to sauces more Habanero Chilli, without the risk that these become unbearably hot. Filled with cheese and put on the grill they are absolutely delicious. Since the 2003 season the commercial use of the seeds is possible, and we are glad that Pepperpark was one of the first retailers of these Chilli seeds. Our plants come as young plants safely packed to your home. 

    Do you want to plant the seeds in your garden and then watch them grow?

    Then have a look at the entire variety of seeds that we have on offer: Chilli-, Tomatoes-, Spices and Vegetables. Very important for a healthy growth is to also have a look at the gardening accessories and Chilli Fertilizers! Attention: because we only deliver plants that are strong enough we have special delivery times! All the necessary information about the shipping time can be found in the category Chilli plants

Dfficulty fortgeschritten
Varietal suitability Topfkultur
Color ripe fruits rot
Plants size 80-100 cm
Type Capsicum chinense
Varieties Habanero
Heat level 1-10 1
Country of origin USA

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NuMex Suave Red Chilli plant

Item number: PJ416

NuMex Suave Red Chilli plant € 4,95 incl. tax, plus shipping Lieferung ab Mitte Juni 2017