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    Fresh Chili Red Habanero, 200g

    Item number: BA025

    The Chilis with the super heat and the super taste


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    • Description

      Fresh Habanero Chilli: A real highlight for the delicious Chilli kitchen…

      Now in a 200g pack!

      Your 365-day delivery of fresh Chilis is now taken care of in the PEPPERWORD HOT SHOP!

      Make delicious creations with the fresh habanero Chilli: Sugos, jams, salads, filled, dried…

      Habanero is a real Chilli classic. This Chilli does not originate from Cuba, as the name would suggest, but rather from Yucatan/Mexico.

      With 250.000 – 300.000 Scoville this is not a direct competitor with the super-hot Chilli pepper like Bhut Jolokia, 7-Pot and Co. Nevertheless, these Chilis are still hot also for people that like eating hot dishes regularly.

      Even though the Chilli is hot, the aroma is spread when the Chilli is cut. The ones that know this Chilli say that the aroma reminds of peach/apricot flavor. And this is also the reason why these fruits can go so well together with the Habanero.

      Now in a practical portion pack.

      A detailed report about the Habanero Chilli can be found here: Fiery delicacies here a recipe for a delicious spread: Apricot Habanero Xälz for all those that are not familiar with this term Xälz is a marmalade :)

      Here we have even more recipes that are made with Habanero Chilli: Habanero Chili recipes on Pepperworld.com

      More Chilli pods directly from the plants: Fresh Chilis

    Color ripe fruits rot
    Size of the fruit 5 cm
    Varieties Habanero
    Heat level 1-10 8
    Country Mexiko

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    2.3 of 5 stars

    4 of 9 Customers would recommend this

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    Fresh Chili Red Habanero, 200g

    Item number: BA025

    Fresh Chili Red Habanero, 200g € 5,45 incl. tax, plus shipping Damit alles frisch ankommt: Versand nur MO - DO