Lingham's sauces don’t have a chemically modified kick and this is what gives them the signature sweet and spicy taste. Lingham’s Hot Sauce, was first manufactured in 1908 during the British Colonial era pampering to the tastes and delights of the British

Lingham´s Sauces

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Lingham's stands for Asian sauces with tradition and quality!

Lingham's Amazing Company History

The year is 1908. In a remote corner of Malaysia, history is being written: the birth of Lingham's. This year, an Indian named Lingham started producing the eponymous Asian gravy - the Lingham's Chilli Sauce. In 1945, after the Second World War, this same man sold his sauce factory to a Chinese family. As is the case with such transfers, this too has brought with it some changes. It took another two years for the company, as it is known today, to be founded: Lingham & Son (Malaysia). In the meantime we write the year 1971. Since then Asian sauces from Lingham's are among the leading chili sauces in Malaysia. 1971. First, the Asian sauce manufacturer was seated in Butterworth, Malaysia, a well-known industrial location. But soon the company moved to Semenyih in Selangor (Federal Office in Malaysia). The new location is much more modern and larger.

Lingham’s Original 

Today's flagship of the Asia Sauce maker is the Lingham's Chilli Sauce. This was first produced in 1908. Lingham's has Asian sauces with tradition! During this time, the area was a British colony and with this Asia sauce, the taste needs of the dispatched Britons were to be satisfied. This exotic, yet unique and versatile sweet and sour sauce has become a well-established brand in Malaysia and Singapore that no household needs to miss. And the western hemisphere is also increasingly conquering this sauce. For example, it is very popular in the UK - perhaps because of the common past. And now she conquers the dining tables of the German Scharfschmecker! It's an open secret that you do not want to miss Lingham's Asian sauces once you've tasted them.

In fact, it's so natural that in the true British tradition, it must be shaken, not stirred!

The exquisite taste of Lingham's Chilli Sauce comes from a secret, traditional recipe that has been preserved over the years and has not changed. The ingredients are of the highest quality: red chillies, sugar, vinegar and salt. No artificial additives, preservatives and dyes. All Natural Asian sauces - that's what we Pepper Worvers like and is also extremely rare! This makes Lingham's Chilli Sauce so special and unique around the world.

Development of new Flavors

Lingham's is not only continuously testing the quality of Asian sauces. It is also constantly trying to develop new flavors. Therefore, in addition to the original Lingham's Chilli sauce, which comes very close to a sweet and sour sauce with chilli, there are also five other no less tasty variants of the sauces:

Lingham's Extra Hot Chilli Sauce: Neat spiciness with delicious sweetness - that's a sweet and sour sauce to our taste!
Lingham's Garlic Chilli Sauce: Garlic and chilli are faithful companions. Their good interplay they prove again with this sauce!
Lingham's Ginger Chilli Sauce: It's not just ginger, but it's also full of ginger!
Lingham's Ginger Garlic Sauce: Garlic and Ginger? Does it fit? We say yes!
Lingham's Chilli Sauce Sriracha: Finally an All Natural Sriracha Sauce - and sooo delicious!

All Lingham's sauces are made with 100% natural and best ingredients and each captivates with an outstanding taste experience.

Lingham´s Delicious Recipes

In addition to being a great dipping sauce, Lingham’s hot chilli sauces can bring many recipes to life. Here are our favourite 6 that you can try out: 

1. Lingham’s Spicy Penang Baba Sandwich (Roti Baba)

2. Lingham’s Classic Fish & Chips

3. Lingham’s Classic Nyonya Spring Rolls (Chun Piah)

4. Lingham’s Chili Coulis Steak

5. Lingham’s Spicy Glazed Beef Ribs

6. Lingham’s SriRacha Bloody Mary

What are you waiting for? Naturally enhance the flavor of your favorite foods with Lingham´s all natural range of hot sauces! Many ingredients such as Worcester sauce, special aroma salts, pepper and much more can be found in our shop!


1. Lingham’s Spicy Penang Baba Sandwich (Roti Baba)

This authentic spicy chicken sandwich will really tickle the taste buds. A delicious combination of flavors really suiting those who crave for that spicy hot chili taste. And if there are no spices or chili available, naturally we recommend adding a little extra Lingham’s to the mix.

Lingham´s Spicy Penang Baba Sandwich

12 slices roti benggali or Hainan bread with crusts (asian flatbread)
6 eggs, whisked
Oil for frying

And for the filling:
300g minced chicken (preferably with a little fat in it) or preferred meat
100g cabbage, julienned / sliced finely
2 big red onions, sliced finely
4 cloves garlic, minced
50ml oil
4 TBSP light soy sauce
1 tsp five spice powder
1 tsp white pepper powder
1 tsp sugar

Lingham’s dipping sauce: (mix all together)
4 TBSP Lingham’s hot chili sauce
2 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 red chili, sliced

Make up the filling first by heating the oil in a pan and fry onion, garlic until fragrant and starting to brown.
Next add in the chicken, cabbage and ingredients B and continue stir frying until the mixture is almost dry. Remove from heat and let it cool slightly.
Meanwhile, heat enough oil in a pan to fry the bread. To make the roti BB, spread the meat onto the bread to make 6 sandwiches.
Dip and coat sandwiches in the whisked eggs and pan fry until golden brown on both sides. Remove and drain off excess oil on a kitchen towel.
Serve immediately with Lingham’s dipping sauce.


2. Lingham’s Classic Fish & Chips

Classic Fish and Chips Lingham’s style can be safely served anywhere from formal white table cloth dining to casual down on the beach lounging. Potato chips dipped in Lingham’s is something worth savoring.

Lingham’s Classic Fish & Chips

4 sea bass (siakap) fillets
Season to taste with salt and pepper
Oil for deep frying

To make the batter:
1 pkt hup loong frying flour
1 can soda water

To make the chips:
4 potatoes, cut into thick batons
Coarse sea salt for sprinkling

Lingham’s Dip: (mix together)
4 TBSP Lingham’s chili sauce
6 TBSP mayonnaise

Season fish fillets with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a wok for deep frying.
Fry potatoes in oil until golden brown, remove and drain off excess oil, sprinkle with sea salt to taste.
To make the fish batter, leave some flour for dusting the fish and mix the rest with the soda water.
Dust fish with the flour, dip in batter and deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Drain off excess oil and serve immediately with the chips and dip.


3. Lingham’s Classic Nyonya Spring Rolls (Chun Piah)

There’s spring rolls and then there’s our classic Nyonya spring rolls, this pipping hot taste sensation gets even better when dipped into Lingham’s Hot Chili Sauce.

Lingham’s Classic Nyonya Spring Rolls (Chun Piah)

600g fresh popiah skins (very thin dough ready to buy)
Oil for deep frying
Tapioca starch slurry (made by mixing 3 TBSP tapioca starch (fine, tasteless starch from the cassava root) with a little water and stirring it into boiling water to thicken)
200g breadcrumbs

Take for the filling:
500g turnip, julienned/ sliced into fine strips
1 small carrot, julienned
100g cabbage, sliced finely
10 shallots, sliced finely
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 TBSP light soy sauce
Salt and white pepper to taste
100g crabmeat

Make the filling first by heating 50ml oil in a wok, fry shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add in the rest of the vegetables and fry until softened, season to taste with soy sauce, salt and pepper.
Lastly, stir in the crabmeat and stir fry for another minute. Remove and set aside to cool slightly.
Meanwhile, heat up enough oil in a wok for deep frying.
To make the rolls, spoon some filling onto the popiah skin, roll it up tightly and stick the edges with the slurry.
Repeat until all the ingredients are used up. Spread brush a little slurry onto surface of the rolls and coat lightly with breadcrumbs.
Deep fry over medium heat until rolls are golden brown.
Drain off excess oil and serve immediately with Lingham’s Hot Chili Sauce.


4. Lingham’s Chili Coulis Steak

If you’re looking for a sauce to serve alongside steak then look no further but remember this lovely brick-red chili sauce also tastes good on everything including chicken, beef, and even turkey.

 Welcome Original Extra Hot With Garlic With Ginger SriRacha Recipes Penang Baba Sandwich Chili Mud Crab Classic Fish & Chips Nyonya Spring Rolls Spicy Glazed Beef Ribs Chili Coulis Steak Ying Yang Meatloaf SriRacha Bloody Mary History Company Contact Us Distributors Privacy Statement LinghamScript-195x60 © 2016 Lingham & Sons. All Rights Reserved. Website by DeLime Website Services Lingham’s Chili Coulis Steak

2 pc ribeye or sirloin steak
Salt and black pepper to season
Oil for cooking

Roasted cherry tomatoes
Roasted potatoes
Buttered baby French beans

Lingham’s Coulis:
½ bottle Lingham’s Hot Chili Sauce
6 shallots, chopped
1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
Salt to taste

Cut the potatoes into cubes, toss with oil and season with salt and pepper, roast in oven until cooked, roast the cherry tomatoes together about 5 minutes before then potatoes are done.
For the beans, blanch them and toss in a little melted butter and salt to taste.
Season steak with salt and pepper and pan fry until desired doneness (i.e. medium rare, medium etc). Set aside to rest while you make the coulis.
To make the coulis, add 1 tablespoon of butter in a pan, sauté shallots until soft and fragrant, add in the rest of the ingredients and reduce over medium high heat until thick.
Arrange accompaniments on 2 plates, you either serve the steak sliced or whole, drizzle with coulis and enjoy!


5. Lingham’s Spicy Glazed Beef Ribs

Hot and spicy glazed beef is really worth getting your fingers sticky over. The wonderful Lingham’s glaze also makes for an addictive tray of spicy chicken wings.

Lingham’s Spicy Glazed Beef Ribs

8 pcs beef ribs
1 TBSP white peppercorn, roughly crushed
1 bulb garlic, crushed with skin on
1 TBSP salt
Water for braising

Lingham’s Glaze:
½ bottle Lingham’s Chili Sauce
3 garlic, chopped
1 TBSP light soy sauce

Put ribs, peppercorn, garlic and salt in a pot and add enough water to just about cover the contents. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to braise ribs until tender (approx. 2 hours).
Drain ribs and heat 1 tablespoon salt in a pan, fry garlic until fragrant add in Lingham’s Hot Chili Sauce and light soy.
Next, add in the ribs and fry until sauce is thick enough to glaze the ribs.
Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce.


6. Lingham’s SriRacha Bloody Mary

Our SriRacha Bloody Mary is a tangy yet spicy
get you zipping along kind of drink. And it’s a zesty breakfast starter (without the vodka), that can really spice up your morning. Cheers!

Lingham’s SriRacha Bloody Mary

Ingredients for 6 servings:
3 cups tomato juice
3 tablespoons lemon juice
3 tablespoons lime juice
1 tablespoon Lingham’s Sriracha sauce
1 tablespoon prepared horseradish
1 1⁄2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
3⁄4 teaspoon celery salt
1⁄2 teaspoon coarse black pepper
1⁄3 cup pickle juice
1 ounce vodka, per drink

In a blender combine the tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, Lingham’s Sriracha, horseradish, worcestershire sauce, pickle juice, and blend until smooth.
Pour the mix into a glass container and add celery salt and black pepper, to your personal taste.
Chill for at least 2 hours and even better overnight.
When ready to serve, fill each glass with ice, add 1 ounce of vodka to each glass, then fill the glass with the bloody mary mix. Stir well, and garnish each glass with your favorite veggie, pickle, celery, or olive.