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    Flor de Sal with Chimichurri - Fuego del Sol

    Item number: LS344

    Spanish sea salt with an aromatic Chimichurri spice mix


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    • Description

      ***NEW in the Pepperworld Hot Shop***

      Sea salt from the Majorcan saline, enhanced with Chimichurri. A must have, for all Chimichurri fans!

      Aside from our beloved and extremely delicate Sambal Chimichurri paste Original Chimichurri as well as our Spanish squad is now extended with this divine Chimichurri sea salt... The Mediterranean oriented Chimichurri with all its aromatic herbs showcases also here its versatility. Spanish sea salt is a pure natural product, rich in trace minerals and mineral substances. The traditional extraction of the sea salt from the saline is still done by hand. The balanced mix of this sea salt with our chimichurri herb mix will give your dishes a particular note. Directly from Majorca in our shop you can still feel the Majorcan sea breeze at your table. The basil, oregano and thyme aromas can be felt as soon as you open the glass container. The Fleur de Sal with Chimichurri fits perfectly with stout roasted meat (for example juicy grilled beef fillet). Just add after roasting/grilling and let sit so that the aromas seep in. Naturally, the Fleur de Sal also fits Mediterranean salads that also bring an herbal note. Just spritz fresh lemon juice over it and it's done! As very little amounts of Chili can be found in the Chimichurri, we can't talk about any spiciness. We also have a varied array of aromas... More sea salts from the Majorca saline can be found here:Original Spanish specialties

    Varieties Habanero
    Heat level 1-10 1
    Ingredients Meersalz aus den Salinen Mallorcas, Petersilie, Oregano, Sonnenblumenkerne, Paprika, Basilikum, Zwiebeln, Senf, Thymian, Pfeffer, Chili, Knoblauch
    Allergens keine
    Country Spanien
    Country of origin Spanien
    Nutritional information pro 100 g
    Energy 284.2 kJ/ 67.9 kcal
    Fat 2.8 g
    saturated fatty acids 0.4 g
    Carbohydrates 7.9 g
    of which sugars 4.8 g
    Protein 3.3 g
    Salt 76.2 g
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    Flor de Sal with Chimichurri - Fuego del Sol

    Item number: LS344

    Flor de Sal with Chimichurri - Fuego del Sol € 6,95 incl. tax, plus shipping