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    Camp Chef Chimney starter XL

    Item number: ZD220

    A chimney starter makes the ignition of coals and briquettes easier so that nothing stays in the way of your grilling pleasure. Ideal in an XL size if you need even more coals

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    • Description

      ***New in the Pepperworld Hot Shop***

      Camp Chef Charcoal Lighter basket XL/ Chimney Starter 

      Advantages at first glance:

      • Charcoal and briquettes become usable in 20 minutes
      • Perfect glowing coals
      • Easy to handle
      • Environmentally friendly and economical
      • Can be also lighted with newspaper
      • Even burn
      • Diameter 23cm
      • Height 30cm

      Never have coals been so easy to light as it is with the Camp Chef fireplace. You can use charcoals and grilling briquettes in the Cam Chef Fireplace. The functioning of the fireplace is very easy. Light a flammable material in the lower part of the fireplace. The warm air resulted from the combustion rises through the fireplace and sucks in new oxygenated air from below. An air stream is formed - the so-called fireplace effect. The steady and equal new oxygen influx not only accelerates the burning but also enables the coal to burn equally. In order to aid of the suction effect, the chimney starter does not have a bottom cover. The chimney starter is closed in the middle area with a grid where the coals can be placed. In this way, due to the fact that ashes and small pieces fall through, there is place for the circulation fresh air.

      Get perfect grilling coals in just four simple steps.

      1. Place the fireplace on the coal grate. Fill in the fireplace with the coals or briquettes. The Camp Chef fireplace has a capacity of about 3kg of coals. A sufficient amount so that you can grill for a lot of friends.
      2. Place the lighters in the lower half of the fireplace, under the coal grates, and ignite. You can use ignition pellets, ignition material or simple paper or cardboard.
      3. Now you just have to wait a bit until the coals are ignited. Depending on the type of coal being used this can take between 15-25 minutes. If you see a light grey ash layer forming on the top of the coals or briquettes then you can proceed.
      4. Place the ignited coals in the grill and you can start your next grilling adventure.

      Never has starting the grill been so easy!

      The fireplace ca not only be used to ignite the grill but also to add more coal. If you add new cold coals on the already ignited coals from the grill then an uneven heat distribution is created and the grilling is stopped. This can be very easily avoided if you use the fireplace to ignite new coals as described above.

      An extra advantage is that you can prepare an exact number of briquettes for the Dutch Oven without much effort.

      Please pay attention when handling. Always pay the utmost attention when handling an open fire. The fireplace gets really hot and the handle becomes warm as well. This is why we always recommend using gloves (oven gloves).

      TIP: If you only want to cook a small amount then you can also cook directly on the chimney starter. Just put on an appropriate grill on top of the chimney starter, after the coals have been ignited and off you go! Please ensure that the chimney starter is always placed on an even surface and that nothing flammable is in its immediate neighborhood.

      ATTENTION: Never use a lighting liquid with the fireplace!

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    Camp Chef Chimney starter XL

    Item number: ZD220

    Camp Chef Chimney starter XL

    RRP € 34,90

    € 29,90 incl. tax, plus shipping