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    Cajohns Quetzalcoatl Hot Sauce

    Item number: LC063

    So much heat that this sauce has been devoted to a god. This is the ultimate step in the classic Oaxacan Taco sauce


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    € 7,95

    148 ml (€ 5,37 / 100 ml)

    incl. tax, plus shipping
    • Description
      Cajohns Quetzalcoatl Hot Sauce - this hot sauce burns long! Quetzalcoatl is a god of the Toltecs, Aztecs and Maya. It has the shape of a snake and is illustrated on many ruins found in Mexico. This sauce includes the spices that the Mexican ancestors used. Chilies, onions and garlic give a great spice to this hot sauce. Salt and a little vinegar make it even better. Since the sauce was made from Ghost Pepper Chilis, it has a cutting, long-lasting heat. Perfect for all Chiliheads! In the shop, you will find a wide selection with more like this: 200 sauces from the USA . Hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salsas and much more from the motherland of the BBQ.
    Varieties Ghost Chili
    Heat level 1-10 7
    Ingredients Branntweinessig, Chilis (Serrano, Bhut Jolokia), Brauner Zucker, Knoblauch, Salz, Zwiebeln, Kreuzkümmel
    Allergens keine
    Country USA
    Country of origin USA
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
    Nutritional information je 30 ml
    Energy 0 kcal
    Fat 0 g
    saturated fatty acids 0 g
    Carbohydrates 1 g
    of which sugars 0 g
    Salt 0.11 g
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    Cajohns Quetzalcoatl Hot Sauce

    Item number: LC063

    Cajohns Quetzalcoatl Hot Sauce € 7,95 incl. tax, plus shipping