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    BBQ Grills

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    Cobb Thermometer

    The solution for a day-to-day problem

    € 11,99 *

    Cobb Deckel Easy to Go

    Der Cobb Deckel für den Holzkohle-Cobb - so wird der Easy to Go Grill zur Outdoorküche!

    € 59,00 *

    Cobb Cooking Grate

    The Cooking Grate for Cobb Grill Premier

    € 19,50 *

    Cobb Grill Premier Gas

    Ingenious grill concept! The wonder of space and economic Gas Grills. Ideal for camping, excursions, picnics, home grilling…

    RRP € 225,00 € 197,50 *

    Cobb Premier, Inner Sleeve 6-Pack

    6 pcs Inner Sleeve for the Cobb Premier and Cobb Premier Gas. Super practical!

    € 16,00 *

    Cobb Cookbook 'Pleasure & Leisure'

    Exciting cooking Tips & Tricks for the Cobb Grill

    € 16,90 *

    Cobb Stainless Steel Pan

    This pan makes the Cobb even more versatile.

    € 39,99 *

    Cobb Baking Mould (Bread Tin)

    Baking is also possible with this Cobb Grill accessory

    € 12,99 *

    Cobb Wok

    The Cobb accessory for Asian flair

    € 39,99 *

    Dome Extension & Chicken Roasting Stand

    This accessory enlarges the Cob Grill

    € 26,50 *

    Cobb Aluminum Griddle

    The aluminum Griddle for the Cobb Premier

    € 35,99 *

    Cobb Lid holder

    The solution for a day-to-day problem

    € 19,50 *

    Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven DO-12

    Baking, roasting and cooking all is possible with the Dutch Oven. A true classic of the outdoor cooking! Massive cast iron execution!

    € 84,95 *

    Cobb Cobble Stone (6 Pcs)

    The high-performance coals for the Cobb Grill Premier

    € 13,99 *

    Cobb Premier Carrier Bag

    The perfect accessory for Cobb to go

    € 19,90 *

    Porcelain Decoration Chilies - 60cm

    For all of those that original Ristras are entertained for too often. Beautiful wall decoration for the kitchen ? durable chili decoration throughout the whole year.

    € 7,95 *

    Camp Chef Square Dutch Oven DO-13S

    The practical 13'' Dutch Oven with corners and edges for extremely easy use

    € 89,90 *

    Cobb Grillplatte Original

    Die Original Grillplatte für den Holzkohle-Cobb - ideal zum indirekten Grillen und Backen!

    € 30,50 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Stacker

    Extension for the ProQ Frontier

    € 95,00 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Extra Grill Rost

    Additional grate for the ProQ Frontier - suited for smoking.

    € 19,50 *

    ProQ Ranger Elite Series 14' Stacker

    Do you need more space on your ProQ Ranger Elite? This additional Stacker is for you.

    € 85,00 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Water Smoker

    Smoking, grilling and BBQing, all in one device and everything in a compact space, with lots of space to grill thanks to the many grill surfaces.

    € 335,00 *

    ProQ Excel Elite Series 20' Stacker

    Extension for the ProQ Excel

    € 125,00 *

    Camp Chef 25th Anniversary Cast Iron Set

    Unique 12'' Classic Dutch Oven and Skillet Set from Camp Chef on its 25th anniversary! Great gift!

    € 99,00 *
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    Buy the right BBQ Grill now!

    A barbecue differs in some aspects from the normal grilling. For a perfect barbecue, there are many grills. But what are the differences and where are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual devices? The following section will introduce you to the different types of grills.

    What types of BBQ grills are out there?

    Smoker Grills:

    These grills are probably the most common when it comes to a delicious barbecue. But how do they actually work? Noticeable is a smaller separate chamber on the left side. This is the so-called fire chamber. In it, as the name suggests, the smoker is fired. Next to it is the main chamber. Both chambers are connected with slots. When the grill is heated in the fire chamber, the heat reaches the main chamber via these openings. In the smaller fire chamber, you will find your own grid. For example, you can rapidly "pre-grill" your meat before you place it in the main chamber for gentle cooking.

    With a Smoker Grill, you can control the heat in a brilliant way. It has several openings (supply air and chimney) with which you can regulate the temperature inside. You can read the value via a thermometer on the lid. Good smoker grills are made of at least 6 mm thick steel sheet. This results in optimal storage of the heat. In order to be able to move your Smoker Grill without problems, wheels are often attached to the lower frame. The construction of a smoker grill therefore consists of the following components:

    • Fire chamber
    • Main chamber
    • hatch for the supply of air
    • Chimney
    • thermometer
    • sometimes a rack with wheels

    Water Smoker Grills:

    These grills for your BBQ experience differ primarily in the look of the "normal" smoker grills. This is fundamentally connected with its unique function. In the lower area, there is a water tray. The grilling planes above it are covered by an egg-shaped outer wall. Thanks to this special design, it is possible to completely cover the food, like in a steam cooker, with water vapor and make it particularly tender. To get a special grill note, you can of course also mix other liquids such as beer or juices into the water.

    BBQ Gas Grills:

    These solutions offer you some advantages for the barbecue. On the one hand, they can be heated very quickly and the temperature can also be controlled very easily. The grills have practical temperature controls, similar to the fittings on your stove at home. This way, you can of course adjust low temperatures better and keep temperatures constant. Another plus is the very low odor load that is generated by these grills. As opposed to a traditional charcoal grill, cleaning is also much easier, since there is no soot development on the BBQ gas grills. For this reason, gas grills are safer for your health. In addition to this type of device you need a gas bottle or a cartridge. This is usually propane gas. However, modern devices can also be operated with other gases such as natural gas. So, if you have your own connection in the garden, you can fit the right adapter and start cooking the delicious barbecue. Replacing the gas bottle is in this case no longer required. We briefly summarized the benefits of the BBQ gas grills for you:

    • The grills heat up very quickly.
    • The temperature can be adjusted by means of a controller.
    • The grills cause little odor.
    • There is no harmful soot development.
    • The grills can also partly be operated with natural gas.

    BBQ Electric grills:

    With this option, you can organize a friendly barbecue all year round. Both outdoors and indoors. Of course, the electricity consumption must also be considered with these grills. The electric grills have the same advantages as a BBQ gas grill. The BBQ electric grills are just as low-odor as the gas-powered versions. Cleaning is also easy. If you wrap some dampened wood chips in aluminum foil and place them in the tray, you can even smoke with such a grill.

    Cobb Grills:

    This brand has to be dealt with separately in the topic of BBQ Grills, because it is waiting for all its grills with special characteristics. These grills are designed so that the outer shell does not become hot. In addition, you can use it almost anywhere, due to its minimal size. In a Cobb Grill, you can prepare many delicious dishes using different cooking methods despite the small size. These special grills are very popular with outdoor fans. The Cobb grills also comes in a gas-operated version.

    What are the differences between conventional grills?

    Variety of cooking methods:

    With a conventional grill the possibilities of the preparation are unfortunately very limited. It is almost only possible to grill directly. With a BBQ grill however, this looks quite different. Because of the multiple levels, or grills, it is also possible to indirectly grill. But that's not all! Once you close the lid, you can smoke with these grills and even bake.

    Temperature and cooking time:

    This is also a major difference from "normal" grills. For a BBQ grill, temperatures of only up to 150 °C are generally reached. In a conventional grill for direct grilling, the temperatures are often twice as high. For this reason, a barbecue also takes longer than a classic grill. In the country of origin, the USA, the barbecue lover speaks of "low & slow". This very precisely describes the longer, but more gentle cooking process of indirect grilling.


    There are many different grills on the market for your barbecue. For example, you have the choice between a classic smoker, with an extra fire chamber, where the heat is directed through openings into the actual grill chamber, and a water smoker. This can make your grilling especially good and tender, thanks to the water vapor. There are the BBQ grills that come as an electric or gas version. Both variants have certain advantages. For example, with a BBQ grill, you can use a lot more cooking methods than is ever the case with a conventional grill. Since the BBQ grills are designed to cook the food particularly slow and gentile, you should plan for the barbecue some time ahead.