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    BBQ & Grill (98)

    BBQ & Grill

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    Ecozoom Dura Rocket Stove

    NEW. The economical rocket stove from Ecozoom. Ideal for usage with firewood!

    € 109,00 *

    Axtschlag - Wood Smoking Chips - Whisky - 1Kg

    These smoking chips that are made from oak wood give the grilled meat a whiskey flavor. The flavor impresses and fits to a lot of different things and varied food.

    € 8,99 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Birch - 1Kg

    The smoking flour birch from Axtschlag develops a fine sweetish smoke flavor. This taste harmonizes wonderful with fish.

    € 6,49 *

    Camp Chef Pan Scraper set of 2

    The Camp Chef pan scraper sett of 2 is perfect for all the cast iron cooking accessories. Also rippled surfaces can be cleaned easy!

    € 3,90 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Stacker

    Extension for the ProQ Frontier

    € 95,00 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Extra Grill Rost

    Additional grate for the ProQ Frontier - suited for smoking.

    € 19,50 *

    ProQ Cover for Ranger 17' Water Smoker

    Weather protection cover for the ProQ Frontier

    € 29,50 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Plum - 1Kg

    This smoking flour from plum wood produces a mild and fruity smoke flavor that is somewhat similar to the hickory wood taste.

    € 7,99 *

    Ecozoom Versa Rocket Stove

    NEW. The rocket stove from Ecozoom. Can be used with wood or coal - equally great

    € 129,00 *

    Camp Chef Cast Iron Pan 36 cm

    The Camp Chef cast iron pan 36 cm has a rim height of 5 cm.

    € 44,90 *

    BBQ Must Have Package

    With this comprehensive BBQ MUST HAVE package you are fully equipped for all BBQ & Grill projects and save a sunny 28% on the unit price!

    € 50,00 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Hickory - 1Kg

    The smoking flour hickory from Axtschlag, due to its intense smoke flavor assures an authentic BBQ taste, just like in the USA!

    € 7,99 *

    ProQ Ranger Elite Series 14' Stacker

    Do you need more space on your ProQ Ranger Elite? This additional Stacker is for you.

    € 85,00 *

    ProQ Frontier Elite Series 17' Water Smoker

    Smoking, grilling and BBQing, all in one device and everything in a compact space, with lots of space to grill thanks to the many grill surfaces.

    € 335,00 *

    ProQ Excel Elite Series 20' Extra Grill Rost

    Additional grate for the ProQ Excel - suited for smoking.

    € 34,50 *

    Axtschlag - Wood Smoking Chips - Wine - 1Kg

    The wood smoking chips of the Axtschlag bran refine the food with a great red vine flavor. This tastes especially good to poultry.

    € 8,99 *

    Firewire Grill Skewers 2pc Set

    Flexible grill skewer made of stainless steel. For meat, mushrooms, vegetables, chicken wings, bratwurst, chilies!

    € 9,95 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Walnut - 1Kg

    The smoking flour made from walnut wood refines the grilled food with a great taste. The walnut wood flour is recommended for smoking dark meat.

    € 7,99 *

    ProQ Excel Elite Series 20' Stacker

    Extension for the ProQ Excel

    € 125,00 *

    ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

    Cold smoke generator. It is filled with smoking chips and they glimmer for many hours without generating too much heat.

    € 42,50 *

    Maverick ET-733 Barbecue Funk-Thermometer Set

    The Maverick ET-733 Funk Thermometer set is a real ease for when you are grilling. With this device two temperatures can be measured at the same time.

    € 69,90 *

    Axtschlag - Smoking Flour Alder - 1Kg

    The smoking flour made from alder by the house Axtschlag does not taste that fruity. The flavor fits especially well to fish.

    € 6,49 *

    Axtschlag - Wood Smoking Chips - Devil's Smoke - 1Kg

    This smoking wood mix produces devilry delicious smoke flavors. The intense, fruity smoke flavor impresses every grilling friend.

    € 8,99 *
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